Would You Date a “Sugar Daddy”?

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Dating a sugar daddy is a great way to have fun, apart from having an experience and a way to get cash to make life easier. If you’re determined to find a rich man, then you ought to know where to look, what they like and where they hang out. If you want to know how to find a rich sugar daddy once, follow these steps.

  • Look for it in the right places.

    Know what you’re looking for. Before you start looking, you should know what you want. This will help you conduct your search appropriately and have clearer aims from the beginning. You can make a list of the qualities of the rich man that you intend to conquer and another list in which to write down all the things you would like him should pay you. Do not feel embarrassed about doing so, he is a rich man after all.
    Decide what kind of man you’re looking for. Looking for someone who is less than forty, over fifty? Should be divorced, married or single? Want a man to spend time with you or a man you walk long weekends?
    Decide what you want this rich man do for you. Some women require a flat fee (in US, between $1000 and $2,000 a week) for his company, a bit of fun and sex. Or do you want eating at nice places, going on holiday to stunning hotels and be invited to exclusive events

  • Check sugar daddy dating websites where you can find rich men.

    Do not be shy: if you want to conquer a rich man, then you should take the opportunity to know him through sugar daddy dating sites. The most popular sites are Getiton and Adult Friend Finder . These sites allow you to make clear your pretensions and easily meet men who are like you.
    Ensure you’re clear of what you want in a relationship. Let men know what kind of relationship you are looking for.
    Includes some attractive photographs but not too provocative. Ideally, these men think they’re still sexy to take you seriously.
    Talk about what you have to offer. Do not focus only on what you need but also what you can give: You’re funny, interesting, mysterious, or know how to enjoy things.

  • Visit adult dating sites.

    If you feel too shy to visit sugar daddy dating sites to find your rich man, or do not want to be too obvious, you can go to sites like Adult Friend Finder , and try to find a man to give you money and gifts you want.
    You can use filters to find the right man, for example, find their salary and occupation.
    You can also review the profile of a man who interests you to see if it fits your demands. If you notice someone in their profile mentioned expensive hobbies like riding a boat or vacation in Europe, seems to wear expensive clothes and expensive tastes, you just found the right person to hit.

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