Dating tips for men: 17 Intriguing conversation starters for a coffee date

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Dating at the coffe shop Meeting someone for a blind date can be awkward if you don’t have any fun date ideas or intriguing conversation topics because there’s nothing to grab yours or their attention. Here are some ways to start a conversation and have a fun blind date that will help you get to know each other better:

Ideas for a blind date

1) What’s your dream blind date?

You can break the ice by making a lighthearted joke about being on a blind date by saying that you know meeting for coffee isn’t the most romantic thing in the world then asking what their dream blind date would be like. This shows them that you have a sense of humor which is an attractive trait in a man and it can give you an idea of what to do for your second date.

2) What’s your favorite movie?

Finding out what her favorite movie is can lead to a longer conversation about what she enjoys, the type of movies you like and you can think about what movies you can go to on your next date. You might have a similar taste in movies and you can use it as a way to make a stronger connection by telling her that you love the same movies that she does.

3) What’s your favorite word?

This is one of those fun date ideas you can do because there are a million ways to respond and it can show you what kind of person they are. They might choose something positive like “sunshine”, something negative like “desert” or something fun like “candy”. Ask them why they chose that word and share your own favorite word. This can show you how they think and what their personality is like.

Going on vacations together

4) Where is your fantasy vacation spot?

Everyone has a fantasy vacation spot they’d go to if they could so see if theirs is the same as yours. You can talk about attractions you’d visit, new foods you’d try or how visiting this place would make you feel because some people go on vacation to relax while others go to have an exciting adventure.

5) What accomplishment are you most proud of?

You can ask them what accomplishment their most proud of because everyone’s proud of something. It can show you what their focus in life is because their accomplishment could be work related, education related, friend related or be a personal achievement. This gives them control of the conversation and they’ll want to talk about themselves so this takes the pressure off you to keep the conversation going.

6) What has been the best day of your life?

This is another fun date idea because it makes you think about happy times from your life and will make you feel good.

7) What do you do on your days off work?

Asking them what they like to do on their day off will let you know how they like to spend their time and what their hobbies are. This can lead to you discovering that you have something in common or it might make you consider a hobby or activity you haven’t thought of doing before. If the relationship lasts you’re going to be spending these types of days with them so it’s good to know what they’re like.

8) What’s your dream job?

By finding out what their dream job is you can see if they have a realistic outlook on life or if they like to dream big. You might prefer a certain type of personality and their response could help you decide if they’re what you’re looking for in a partner. Be honest but have fun because it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

9) If you had to spend 1 month locked in a room with someone, who would it be?

This fun date idea forces you to be creative because you need to think about what it would actually be like. Ask them why they would choose that person and find out if it’s someone who’s in their life, like a friend or family member, or if it’s non-personal like a favorite celebrity or dream crush.

10) Where do you see yourself in five years?

Asking them where they see themselves in five years will let you know what their life goals are and what you can expect them to do if the relationship continues. If they want to move to another city or start a family then you might want to consider keeping the relationship casual if you don’t have similar goals.

11) Do you have any pets?

This is a good conversation topic because some people love animals while others don’t and some are allergic. You don’t want to make the mood negative if you hate animals and she has a few pets so if the conversation goes that way you can change it by asking her what her favorite animals are. If she’s an animal lover then going to the zoo might be a fun date idea.

12) What’s on your bucket list?

Talking about all the crazy goals you have on your bucket list can lead to a long, fun conversation that will make time fly by. You can explore dreams together and if there’s an achievable goal on there then consider making it a future date idea.

13) How did you meet your best friend?

You’re going to be meeting their best friend if the relationship become serious so find out about them because you want to know what to expect and the type of friends they have will tell you what kind of person they are. Tell them about who’s important in your life so they can get to know you better too.

Going to a concert together

14) What was the last concert you went to?

Music that people listen to often relates to their personality so talk about what kind they listen to and ask what the last concert they went to was. If you have similar taste in music you could go to a concert together or you can try listening to an artist they like to further your musical knowledge.

15) How do you like to relax after work?

By finding out how she likes to relax after work will give you an idea of what you next date can be like. If she wants to relax then plan it for the weekend when she’s not so tired but if she wants to have fun then take her out to dinner or a movie after work.

16) What’s your favorite meal?

Knowing what her favorite meal is can help you figure out which restaurants to take her to or which meals you can cook for her. You can also talk about local eateries you’ve been to and what the most exotic food you’ve eaten is.

17) What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

Talking about childhood is fun and nostalgic because it usually brings back good memories. If you’re around the same age you probably watched the same shows and you can laugh about how cheesy it is now or talk about what was so good about it.

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