How to know if she wants casual sex or a long term relationship

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Casual SexWomen aren’t always honest about what they want because they worry about being judged. They don’t want to be seen as a slut nor do they want to seem like one of those girls who are too clingy so they may try to hide their true feelings. Some women are fine with having a casual sex type of relationship but few are willing to be upfront about it while others are only interested in having a serious relationship. You want to know what type of relationship she’s looking for before getting too involved with her otherwise it could end badly.

When it comes to figuring out what she wants you need to pay attention to her body language because you can learn a lot just by watching how she reacts to you. Does she use eye contact, lean close to you and listens carefully when you speak? This shows she’s interested in you and is giving you her full attention because she cares about what you have to say. If she doesn’t seem interested in what you have to say and isn’t into affectionate touches like holding hands then it’s likely she’s interested in you for casual sex only.

She’s keeping an emotional distance between the two of you to stop any sort of serious attachment from forming. You also need to listen to what she says and focus the words that she uses. Words like “I” instead of “we” or “you” show that she’s only focused on herself. Saying “I’d love to go back to your place tonight.” instead of saying “We should do something fun tonight, what do you want to do?” implies that all she wants is to have sex with you and has little interested in actually going out with you. The things she talks about also shows what she’s looking for. Does she want to get to know you better and is interested in your life and career goals? That’s a big sign she’s looking for a serious relationship because she’s trying to figure out if you’re the type of person she wants to spend a lot of time with. Women have an idea of the type of guy they want to be with long term and she’s gently letting you know that she’s thinking of a future that might have you in it. If she mainly talks about what to do on your next hook up and seems to hint at sex a lot then she’s only interested in keeping things casual.

Serious RelationshipThe places that she suggests going to can also help you figure out what type of relationship she wants. If you tend to go out to dinner or hang out together with a group of her friends then she wants something serious. She’s doing things with you that normal couples do and is involving you with her everyday life. If she suggests going to a bar or you always end up at your place then she’s after something casual. She doesn’t want you to know her favourite restaurants or get to know her friends because she doesn’t think you’re going to be part of her life. You’re only there to keep her company when she’s feeling bored or horny and she has little to no intention of seeing you as anything more important than a casual sex buddy.

It’s important to know if the woman you’re interested in wants only casual sex with or if she’s after a serious relationship. Watch how she treats you and notice how much she involves you in her life. If she wants to spend a lot of time with and really get to know you as a person then she’s after a serious relationship. If she keeps things light and fun then all she wants is casual sex.

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