When lying is your option to hook up

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hookupSometimes there is an inner voice within you that wants a hook up challenge. But somehow it can’t happen because you are seeing someone else. And sometimes, things just can’t be controlled until you meet another person that you can’t wait to hook up. Other times, when you really like someone but there is an issue that you cannot tell, things can be difficult to start.
But when you feel that lying is necessary to hook-up then perhaps you should follow this advice!

Be confident

If you think that you should not tell a secret on your first date, you should play the confidence rule! A confident person shows no goofy attitude that could make the other person feels like you have something to say but can’t. Confident also means that you work on your appearance. Don’t be anyone else but yourself.

Don’t think about the lies

It is so easy to ruin your hook up moment. By thinking about your lies, you will never get the chemistry when you are worried about other things than the relationship. It’s important to be present especially your mind because otherwise, your date will sense that you are not comfortable with him/ her.

Make a good drama!

As you are planning to lie, it’s necessary to have a backup plan in case there is a question from your partner. This plan should better make sense so you don’t have to explain more about it. Create a compelling story that will move him/her during the hook up session. Make sure that you have made backup story that when you are asked about it, you can explain it further. If you don’t know a place but you need to tell it then study about it.

Be prepared for the worse

Lying is a bad thing. But if you can’t keep it, then you should prepare for the worse and be ready if your mate leaves you. When you think you have made your point but it’s unacceptable then you should move on and find another date to hook up. There is no point on asking someone to accept your secret because if they really like you for who you are, they will surely accept and appreciate what you are.
When you are hooking up, make sure that your lies are not harmless. Make sure that you are using flattering lies so you won’t have to be overzealous.

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