Men Reveal Whether Or Not They Care If You Say ‘Bye’ To Them The Morning After Sex

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Leaving After Sex and annoying You don’t want to come across as annoying or clingy when it comes time to leave the morning after sex. The whole point of meeting guys on hookup sites like AdultFriendFinder is to have fun and you don’t want to ruin things by saying or not saying ‘Bye.’ to them. It can be difficult to know what to do but it depends more on the situation between the two of you than what you actually say. It’s the thought that counts and it’s always better to be polite than come across as someone who’s just after sex.

Meeting guys on hookup sites usually leads to one night stands or a friends with benefits situation. These are more casual situations and most guys won’t get upset if you leave without saying ‘Bye.’ or for thanking them for a great night. If they’re awake when you leave then you need to say ‘Bye.’ to them and let them know that you enjoyed it because it’ll end things in a positive way and they’ll be more likely to want to hook up with you again. If he’s asleep then don’t bother him and send a text otherwise he’ll get annoyed because he expects you to just leave since it was just a hookup. With these types of relationship you need to keep it simple so that he doesn’t think it meant more to you than it did to him.

Before sex tell them that you need to leave early and that you’ll let them sleep so they shouldn’t expect to have breakfast with you. This is more polite than sneaking out like you’re embarrassed about hooking up with them. Doing this will also help them be more understanding about waking up alone because you gave them some warning. It’s respectful to do this and they don’t have to wonder if they’re the reason why you left without saying anything to them.

When you’re in a relationship or have gotten close to each other while talking on hookup sites then it’s better to say ‘Bye.’ to them the morning after sex. This will strengthen the connection between the two of you and will make you feel happy because you’re having a sweet moment together. You could do it in a gentle way by snuggling up to him and giving him a little kiss as he wakes up then tell him that you’re leaving but you’ll see him soon. This will ease him into being awake and give him something to look forward to. You could also make him breakfast and leave a note for him if you want to let him sleep in.

Before you have sex think about the type of relationship you have with him. If it’s a one night stand you’ve met on one of your favorite hookup sites like FbookHookups then keep things casually by leaving while he’s still asleep and send him a text. He’ll appreciate the gesture and since it’s something you can do without disturbing him you won’t run the risk of annoying him. If it’s a more serious relationship then you need to make more of an effort because you want to keep things going good. Gently wake him up or send a text as soon as you leave so that he knows you’re thinking of him and that the night you spent together was something special.

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