What to do when your parents hate your girlfriend

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When they hate your girlfriend Everyone wants things to go smoothly when they’re in a relationship but sometimes there are personality clashes with extended family. You want your parents to like your girlfriend but they might end up hating her because they don’t like her personality or they think that she’s not good enough for you. If this happens to you then you should try and fix things between them so it doesn’t ruin your relationship.

Your parents might not understand what you like about your couple so think about where the relationship is going. If the adult dating relationship is going good and you think that it will end up being long term then you should try talking to your parents. Tell them what attracted you to her and let them know what her good qualities are to try and get them to see her like you do. This might give them a better understanding of what she’s like as a person and realize that they might have been wrong about her. Ask them to give her another chance and tell them that it’s important to you for them to get along with her.

Explain to your couple that your parents aren’t sure about her and their reasons for disliking her. You want her to understand the situation so she can help you fix things. If the issue is with her personality or a habit that she has then maybe she could work on changing it. If she smokes then she could try and avoid doing it around your parents or if the issue is tattoos then she could cover them up when she’s spending time with them. If the issue is with her views on certain issues then avoid conversations where they come up and stick to superficial topics like what her plans are for the weekend. Your girlfriend wants to get along with your parents so she’ll try to make it work and listen to any ideas she might have for improving the situation.

First impressions aren’t always accurate so give your parents and couple a chance to get to know each other better by arranging social gatherings where they have to interact with each other. Choose a neutral place like a restaurant or go to the movies as a group so that there’s something to do and you can have fun together. Think about any hobbies or interests that your parents and girlfriend have in common and plan an activity around that. If they enjoy sports then take a family outing to a game or if they like music go out to a concert. Find something that they can relate to each other with and use that to strengthen the relationship between them.

You need to find a way for them to get along so see if you can talk to your parents about what you love so much about your girlfriend so they can see things from your point of view. If that doesn’t work you could always spend time together as a group and find something that you can all enjoy doing. It is possible for feelings to change so try a few different tactics until you find one that works on your parents.

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