How to pick up bisexual women on adult dating sites

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bisexual womenAdult dating sites are a great way to meet single women for a hook up and you can find all kinds of women on there with different interests. You may keep things simple when searching and use the search function to narrow down your options to straight women of a certain age but you could have a lot more fun with bisexual women. They’re usually more open-minded and are more likely to be interested in having a threesome with you and another woman. Consider looking for something a little different when you’re on an adult dating site.

When trying to pick up bisexual women you could use either a regular adult dating site or join a dating site specifically for bisexual and bicurious people. If you use a site that’s for bisexual people then make sure that the women is seeking either a male partner or a partner of either gender before messaging her because she may only be looking for a like-minded woman. Don’t assume that a bisexual women will hook up with just anyone because she most likely has an idea of the type of person she’s looking for.

bisexual flagWith a regular dating site you can check out what they’ve listed their sexual orientation as or use the search function to only find bisexual women. Some bisexual women may use the bisexual flag as their profile picture or have it posted somewhere on their profile page so remember to look out for it. It’s a square that’s broken up into three rectangles: a pink one, a purple one and a blue one. If you see this then it’s their way of discreetly proclaiming their bisexuality. When you find a bisexual woman that you’re interested in you can send her a message but remember that she wants to be treated just like any other woman. Don’t focus too much on her bisexuality at the beginning of the relationship because it will turn her off. She wants to know she’s with a guy who likes her for more than just her sexual preference. Once you’ve gotten to know each other better you can start asking her about her sexual identity. Do it slowly to see if she’s okay with discussing things like that with you and don’t push her. Tell her that you’re okay with her being bisexual and that you think it’s sexy.

You can lead her further by asking if she’s had a lot of experience with women. Just because she identifies as bisexual it doesn’t mean that she’s had a lot of experience with them, it just means that she’s attracted to them. If she’s just coming to terms with her bisexuality tell her that you’d be interested in helping her explore it further because she may just take you up on it. If she’s had a lot of same sex relationships and is open-minded when it comes to sex then go out with her a few times before hinting that you’d like to try something a little inky, maybe a threesome. Let her take it from there and see what happens. You might just get a hot threesome just by hooking up with her.

The next time you’re on an adult dating site try and keep an open mind. Check your search parameters and make sure you’re not missing out on profiles from women who identify as bisexual. Treat them the way you would any other woman you’re interested in while making it clear that their sexual orientation is a turn on for you. They’ll appreciate the fact you don’t see them as a sexual orientation while also being interested in hooking up with you because you see them as a person.

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