How To Please A Broken Hearted Woman and Get Laid

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broken heartBreak ups are never easy, and they especially take their toll on women. Maybe it’s because they’re naturally sensitive or because they’re overly emotional, but whatever the case is, women take breakups a lot harder than men. And because of that, they’re a lot easier to please if approached correctly. Since broken-hearted women are so vulnerable as they try to get over their ex and a bad breakup, a guy can seriously take advantage of the situation and get laid. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be in bed sooner than you think, “helping” the poor, broken-hearted woman mend the pieces of her heart while doing you.

Put In Some Work

When you meet a broken-hearted woman trying to recover from a breakup, you can’t just automatically think that they’ll fall into bed with you. These women are dealing with some heavy emotions, so if you want to get laid, you’ll going to have to actually put in some work. You’ll have to “be there” for them and “help them” through whatever emotions they are feeling so that they feel like they trust you. Only once you’ve gained their trust will they see you in a different light and want to have sex with you. And the amount of work you have to put in can vary from woman to woman, so you’re going to have to just suck it up and ask yourself how much do you really want to have sex with this woman and if it’s even worth it to put in such hard work?

Sympathize With Them

As soon as you meet a woman with a heavy heart, the first thing you want to do is sympathize with them. Hear them out and let them confess all their feelings to you, no matter how boring this may be. Pretend that you’re really listening and really care about their situation. Let them vent and provide some generic responses here and there during the conversation like, “I totally feel you” or “You don’t deserve to be treated like this.” By making it seem as if the other person or their ex is in the wrong and that they’re the victims in the situation, they’ll be more inclined to hop into bed with you later, increasing your chances of getting laid.

Make Them Want To Have Sex With You

The best way to get over somebody else is to get under a new person! As you sympathize with them, point out all the ways you’d never treat them like that and how you think they are the best person in the world and other fluff that’ll increase their confidence. If you keep reiterating how good you’ll treat them and all the things you’d never do to them, they’ll feel a connection with you and will want to have sex with you.
By following these tips with broken-hearted women, you’ll get laid in no time!

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