Why sex is better in summer

August 23, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Hot Sex in Summer You can use adult dating sites year round but if you want hot sex then it’s best to hook up in the summer. Everything’s bright and sunny and people are in the mood to have a good time so take advantage of this. Check out profiles of women showing off their bikini bodies and get ready for three months of sex.

It’s the time of year when people exercise more, they spend time in the sun and get a tan and it’s hot enough to wear skimpier clothing. Women know they look sexier in the summer and they want to show off their bodies so they’ll upload hot pictures so you can see what they look like before meeting. Since they’re more confident about their bodes they’ll be more willing to have sex so give them a couple of compliments on how good they look to make them warm up to you.

There’s an energy that people feel in the summer because days are long and sunny. They want to do something fun while burning off their extra energy and sex is one of the things they’ll do. Expect sex to be more frantic and sweatier because their hormones are going to be running wild and they need to satisfy their desires. The feeling of excitement will also make her more open to the idea of trying something new so bring up a kinky fantasy you’ve had and see if she’ll do it for you.

It’s easier in the summer to seduce a woman and make her interested in you because there are more things for you to do together. There are outdoor concerts, festivals, performances and so on. Most women want to meet first before having sex so check out what’s happening in your area and show her that you want to spend time with her. Make her feel special and like she’s the only girl for you by taking her somewhere and getting to know her. These are usually inexpensive date ideas and it can help her feel comfortable around you so she’s more likely to have sex with you.

Sex is also better in summer because you can have it in more places besides the bedroom since it’s warm outside. Women love romance so plan a special night for the two of you and take her some place where you won’t be disturbed. You could take your date out for a romantic picnic at a secluded area and have sex outside for dessert. If you want a bit more privacy but still have the rush of public sex then go for a drive in the countryside one evening and have sex in the car under the sunset.

Women are in a regular exercise routine and their tanned so you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. Find someone who’s in the mood for a summer fling and see if you can talk her into have a night of hot sex under the stars. Summer doesn’t last forever so take a chance because you could end up getting lucky.

Katy Benett