Why you shouldn’t take a hookup straight to the bedroom

July 23, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Hookup Sites It’s easy to have a lapse in judgment when you’ve just met someone after spending hours on hookup sites trying to find the perfect person. You’re excited after exchanging messages and you can’t wait to finally meet them in person. You’ll probably be tempted to go on a quick date then take them straight to the bedroom but that might not the best thing to do.

You need to remember that the person you’re meeting is a stranger. It doesn’t matter how many messages you’ve exchanged or how many times you’ve had cybersex with them. They might not really be interested in you and are only acting eager for sex because they know they’re sexy and you want them. They could just be using you for money by making you take them to a fancy restaurant or they could be scamming you. Some women will pretend to be pregnant a few weeks after a hookup so they can harass the guy into paying for an abortion. He won’t want to deal with it so he gives her the money and tries to forget about her. Spend time with her in person before taking her to the bedroom so you can see what her personality is like and you can casually ask her about her past. If something feels off about her then break things off.

You don’t know anything about your hookup’s sexual history so you need to be careful when it comes to having sex. They might be telling you the truth when they say that they don’t have any STD’s or that you’re the first person they’ve met after getting out of a long term relationship. They could also be lying and you could be the fifth guy they’ve slept with in the last few weeks. Since she was so quick to meet you then why do you think she isn’t like that with other guys? Take your time and get a feel for her attitude about sex. If she does seem conservative then she’s probably telling you the truth and you can feel safer when you do finally take her to the bedroom. You should still use condoms though because you don’t want to make a mistake that could damage your health.

With a hookup you’re excited and eager for sex. Your attention is mostly on getting your own needs met and you probably won’t waste time on making sex good for her because you see her as just a hookup. The unspoken agreement was to meet and have a good time so there’s a good chance you’ll skip foreplay and go straight down to business. Yes, she might enjoy it but it could have been better and she’ll know it. If you had fun and want to see her again she’s going to be more likely to turn you down because you didn’t do a good enough job of satisfying her. This means you’re going to have to start your search from the beginning. Take things slow and make her feel special so she’ll want to see you again.

You need to take your time to get to know the other person and go through the same steps you would take if you were going to seriously date them. If you don’t then you could end up getting scammed, catching an STD or missing out on a regular hookup buddy.

Katy Benett