How To Start Talking Dirty With Your Partner

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talking dirtyWords can be a tricky thing; they can have very different effects on people. They can turn them on or they can make them lose interest. When you want to start talking dirty with your partner you have to be careful not to take it too far or upset them. You want it to be a fun aspect of your sex life. Talking dirty is even more difficult if you’re doing it with someone you’ve only just met, perhaps someone you met in a social sex situation by hooking up online. So, how should you start talking dirty?

First you need to figure out what kind of approach to take. You do this by tailoring what you say based on who you’re with. Is it a long term partner? Say something that you’ll know they like by mentioning how much you still find them attractive. It’ll make them feel wanted and sexual. There’s nothing more arousing than knowing that your partner still wants you after being together for a while. Put your arms around them and tell them how sexy they look and that you can’t wait to get them in bed. Is it someone you met on a hookup site like xxxconnect or Keep it vague but still dirty until you know them better.

Is she wearing something low cut and deliberately showing off her breasts? Tell her how sexy they are while touching them. Talking dirty doesn’t just have to be you telling your partner what you think of them, you can turn the focus on yourself. Tell them how hard they make you or that you jerked off last night while thinking of them. Start out by saying something soft and if they enjoy it then take it further. Swear and be graphic. Keep eye contact with them as you tell them that you want to fuck their brains out. Don’t be afraid to add touch when you say something dirty to your woman. Slide your fingers slowly along her pussy lips as you tell how you’re going to pound her tight, wet pussy until she’s begging for more. Use a tone that tells the other person just what you want. In an aggressive mood? Speak with confidence, stand close to them and show them that you’ll get what you want from them. Feeling playful? Keep your voice light, use soft touches and give them a sexy smile. Talking dirty might feel awkward at first but don’t give up on it. Try different phrases and styles to find what works for you.

Your partner won’t mind, they’ll be too wrapped up in trying something naughty and new with you to care. Watch your partner for cues and see what turns them on. Does he like being told how much of a man he is? Talk about his dick and how good it feels when he’s filling you. Does she like being given compliments? Tell her you love how she sucks you off. Talking dirty is something that you both need to enjoy in order for it to be a success.

An easy way to spice up your sex life is by being vocal in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to talk dirty with your partner. Words can be a very powerful tool when it comes to getting laid.

Katy Benett