Never Say These 5 Things Unless You Want To Ruin Your Chances To Hook Up With A Woman

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hook Up DatingHook up dating can be a lot of fun but things can end quickly if you end up saying the wrong thing. It can take time finding the right woman so avoid saying these 5 things unless you want to start your search from the beginning.

1) “So have you met a lot of other guys online?”
You really don’t need or want to know the answer to this, just like she doesn’t want to know about your previous hook ups. Things are much easier and less awkward when you focus on the person and not their past. Also, by quizzing her about her love life it sort of sounds like you’re seeing if she sleeps around a lot. That makes women feel uncomfortable and she’ll break off the conversation before it gets even more personal.

2) “My ex-girlfriend used to love going there.”
Don’t suggest your first meeting place to be where you used to go with your ex-girlfriend. It might seem like a good idea if she enjoyed it but your new hook up doesn’t want to be compared to your ex nor does she want to be reminded of her. It also gives the impression that you’re trying to find a replacement for her and that you’re trying to recreate what you had with your ex. A hook up wants someone with a clean slate so never bring up your ex under any circumstances.

3) “So what do you want to do tonight? I’ve got no idea so you decide, I’m good with anything.”
Nothing says you’re lazy and don’t care about her better than this phrase. Women like strong confident men that know what they’re doing. If you leave the decision making up to her she’ll see you as weak or boring. Try suggesting something then ask if she’s okay with it, otherwise she’s going to show you as much attention as you did to her which is none at all.

Sex Dating4) “Do you really want to go to dinner or should we just go to my place for some fun?”
Yes the idea of a hook up is to have sex and she wants it just as much as you but women need to be wooed before they sleep with someone. Jumping right into bed is a turn off for them and she’ll think you see her as nothing but a sex object. No woman wants to feel that way and there is no way she’s going to be interested in you after hearing that.

5) “You are so hot. Seriously, you’re way hotter than the other girls on here.”
It may sound like a compliment but it really isn’t. You’re putting down other women and that’s going to make her wonder what else you say behind people’s backs. It’s going to make you look like a jerk and she won’t be interested in hooking up with someone like that.
When you’ve found the right woman for a simple sex dating relationship don’t ruin it by saying the wrong thing. Remember phrases you should avoid using and think before you speak. By doing that you increase the chances of seeing her again and making hooking up a regular thing.

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