Tips To Long Distance Dating Success!

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long distance datingTips for Dating Someone who lives in a different city

Dating is challenging. But it goes more challenging when you need to be somewhere apart from each other because your partner is living in a different city. Being spared and not be able to show affections can be exhausting sometimes. The obstacles of dating someone in a different city may be a lot but don’t be discouraged because long distance dating can actually work if you know the rules!

Set the rules

Just like a business partnership, you ought to have rules in your relationship. Make sure you know what to expect from each other. For instance, when you can contact them and how? Use technology and sign in to Skype or other platforms that will benefit to get in touch everyday just to say ‘Hi’.

Regular visits

If it’s possible, make a visit occasionally to see how your partner is doing. Make sure that it’s all about quality even when it lasts only for 5 hours. You can also give a surprise visit that your partner would definitely be excited to meet you and feel that love is in the air.

Save the dates

Since dating someone who lives in a different city will force you to have lack of touches, it is important to keep the flame in your heart. Pay a visit or send a gift during Valentine’s Day or Christmas or birthday. This will make your partner feels special because you know when to show affection.

Support each other

When you are away from each other, it’s important that your partner knows your activity. Share your thoughts and support him/her when she is about to make a huge leap in career or try to buy a house. It’s important to fuel them with love and support so they have a purpose to do something in a positive way. Let them know you are always ‘there’ even when you are apart.

Have a goal

Your long distance relationship should have an end. It’s either you are reaching for new different goal or you two get together for an everlasting love marriage. This goal has to be set. 3 years? 4 years? You need to make the deadline so you two have something to expect from each other.

Dating someone who lives in a different city could be an opportunity for you to have free life while having a purpose at the same time.

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