The type of flirting style that works on a hookup site and the type that doesn’t

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Fast flirting
Meeting someone you’re interested in on a hookup site and trying to get their attention requires fast flirting. You need to make a good first impression and that can be difficult to do. The smallest thing could make someone delete your message without replying to it. Before you try getting in touch with someone online it might be a good idea to go over some flirting tips.

When it comes to fast flirting there’s a right way to do it and the wrong way to do it. The best type of flirting style to use on a hookup site is an easy going but fun one. You can take different approaches with your message as long as the underlying style is the same. Always start the message by introducing yourself then talk a bit about yourself before telling them that you hope to hear back from them. Keep the message short but sweet and aim for no more than eight sentences. If it’s longer than this you might come across as desperate or boring which goes against the easy going feeling you’re trying to get across. Now that you’ve got the set up done you need to add the flirting while making it feel natural.

Don’t call her any nicknames like “baby” or “sweetie”. She’s a stranger so be respectful. Address her by her name and compliment her on how she looks in her profile picture. Keep it non-sexual by saying something like “You have a great smile, it was what caught my attention.” Women love being complimented on something small that isn’t connected to sex so if you can say something based on her picture then say something based on her profile. If she mentions reading books as one of her hobbies say “I love reading too and think intelligent women are really attractive.” Using the word “attractive” is better than “sexy” because it’s softer in tone and will make her warm up to you. The worst type of flirting style to use on a hookup site is the over-confident playboy one. Messages from people who portray this image are the ones most likely to get deleted. Women don’t think it’s cute or flirty when a guy brags about his great job or how he can fuck her all night long. If you only talk about yourself in your message and just mention her when it comes to what she can do for you then she’s just going to feel like an object.

Avoid saying things like “You look like fun, maybe you can show me just how much fun you can be.” Men who think it’s okay to use nicknames like “babe” to help break the ice or to keep a casual feeling are wrong and a lot of women find it disrespectful. That isn’t flirting, that’s you making her feel uncomfortable and like she’s not an equal. One of the most important parts of flirting is getting the other person interested in you and making them feel like you’re someone they can spend time with. No one wants to do that with someone who straight away acts like they’re the ones in control and are better than everyone else.

Fast flirting can be tricky and you need to make sure that you’re making a good impression on the other person. Always be respectful and easy going while giving little hints that you’re attracted to them. When it comes to flirting less is more so take things slow because you can increase the level of flirting as you exchange messages. By doing things this way you have a better chance of coming across as the type of guy that women want to hook up with.

Katy Benett