Why women like to cuddle after sex?

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Adult SitesWhen it comes to sex men and women are very different. The things they enjoy before, during and after sex are usually completely different and men don’t always know or understand what women want. One big difference is how men and women like to unwind after sex. A lot of women like to cuddle after sex where as men aren’t interested in that sort of thing. There are a few reasons why women like to cuddle after sex and it can help you understand your partner better if you know why her needs are different than yours.

A lot of women see sex as something intimate that should be shared with only those she truly loves. They need to know that her partner still loves her even if they’re in a long term relationship. Cuddling is one way that men can show her she’s loved because it’s a sweet gesture that’s more romantic than sexual. Men on the other hand don’t need as much intimacy and feel the same way after sex as they do after they masturbate using adult sites. They’ve had fun, they enjoyed it and now they’re done.

cuddle after sexAnother reason for needing to cuddle after sex is because it’s a romantic way to relax after sex which is an intense period of time. Women feel safe in the arms of their partner and they like being held as their pounding heart slows down and things return to normal. Sex releases a lot of chemicals, especially during orgasm so women tend to feel hormonal after sex. Sometimes sex can get a bit wild and there’s a societal idea that women shouldn’t enjoy sex as much as men. If things are hot and heavy then they may feel vulnerable or embarrassed about the way they acted during sex and need someone to help them feel better after sex. It takes some time for these emotions to pass and a bit of cuddling is how she may choose to pass the time. Some couples have a high sex drive and one of the best things about being a woman is the ability to have multiple orgasms. They can have them right after one another or have them in a short period of time. Cuddling could be only a break during a hot night of sex instead of being the end of sex. This is the time when she catches her breath and starts to work up her desire for more fun with her partner.

Sometimes wild sex can lead to women feeling like their partner wasn’t focused on her during sex and that he was wrapped up in his own desires. This makes her feel unwanted or like there’s a distance between the two of them. She needs to know that he was thinking of her during sex too and wasn’t just using her. She may initiate cuddling to feel a connection to him and to bring his attention back to her.

Women like to cuddle after sex because it helps them feel connected to their partner and it helps her with the increased hormonal feelings that come with the chemical release during orgasm. Even though men don’t like cuddling it could help strengthen the relationship they have with their partner because it shows that they’re thinking about her needs too.

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