10 Flirty conversation starters for Halloween parties if you want to hook up with a girl

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Conversation Starters
If you want to hook up with a sexy witch at a Halloween party this year you need to have some handy conversation starters that will get her attention. There are lines you can use for a good witch that will help you get to know her better but for a bad witch a bit of dirty talk will do the trick.

1) “Seeing you in that costume is definitely a treat.”

This conversation starter is also a compliment which will immediately put her in a good mood and make her want to hear what else you have to say. You can take it further by telling her that her costume made her stand out and that she’s the only one you’ve been watching all night. This makes it clear you want her and she’s going to be flattered.

2) “What’s your favorite Halloween candy?”

When you see a girl that’s cute but shy you can still be flirty without making her feel embarrassed by using conversation starters that are typical things to talk about at a Halloween party. There’s going to be lots of candy around so ask her what her favorite is and be playful by grabbing a handful of it and telling her that she puts you in a naughty mood. Take her somewhere quiet and eat the candy together as you talk and get to know each other.

3) “Maybe next year we could go as a famous couple.”

Want to Hook Up
A good way to make it clear you like her is by suggesting that next year you could choose costumes based on famous couples. She’ll know that you want to date her and she might play along by asking which couple you had in mind. Have a few suggestions ready and ask her which one she likes the best. Afterwards you could say that you should start practicing now by acting like a couple and spend the rest of the night working towards a hook up.

4) “Your costume makes me feel something but it isn’t scared.”

If you’re not sure how she’ll react to dirty talk you can say something that lets you make clean or naughty depending on how she reacts. You can go up to her, smile and say that she makes you feel something but it isn’t scared. If she seems flattered you can say “I feel lucky to meet a girl like you.” and if she flirts back you can go for dirty talk and say “It’s in my pants if you want to feel it too.”

5) “I’d love to see you out of your costume.”

Dirty Talk
Obvious dirty talk, like saying you want to see her out of her costume, will get things moving quickly because she knows what you want and will make it clear if she wants you too. If she replies by laughing and going with it you can suggest leaving the party and going somewhere more private. You could also give her your number and tell her to let you know when she’s ready for a costume change.

6) “What do you like more? Tricks or treats?”

Conversation starters should be attention grabbing and be interesting enough that the other person will want to talk to you and asking if they like tricks or treats more is a good one to use at a Halloween party. It’s a friendly way to break the ice and if she’s in a playful mood you can flirt back by saying that you love a tasty treat, especially with a sexy girl like her. If she’s really flirty you could tell her that you can’t wait to show her some naughty tricks later tonight.

7) “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Halloween parties are all about fear and fun so asking her what her favorite scary movie is will be appropriate and you can use it for a date idea. Spend some time talking about what movies you like then ask if she wants to go back to your place, snuggle up on the couch and have a scary movie marathon. If she wants to stay at the party you can tell her that you can wait until next weekend if that’s better for her because she’s worth waiting for.

8) “I think you’re in grave danger of no longer being single.”

With the right attitude and confidence you can go up to a sexy woman you see at a Halloween party and tell her that she’s in grave danger of no longer being single. You have to be careful to not be too arrogant because that will put her off, instead you need to be confident but laidback so she knows you’re teasing her. It’s important to keep the mood light because that will make her want to keep talking to you. If she says she’s already in a relationship you can show you’re a good sport by asking who the lucky guy is then telling her that maybe you’ll see her at next year’s Halloween party. She’ll remember you and she might be single next year.

9) “This party is fun but it’ll really get going at midnight.”

This is a great thing to say because she’s going to ask you what happens at midnight and you can say anything you can think of don’t get too graphic though until you know what kind of girl she is and what she’ll respond positively to. Talking about later on will also get her thinking about spending the rest of the night with you so you need to make sure you keep the conversation going. You could say that you’d like to keep her company until midnight then leave the fright fest for a night of romance under a dark sky.

10) “I would’ve put more effort into my costume if I knew you’d be here.”

If you want to make her notice you and make her laugh while flattering her then you should say this to her. She’ll notice you because you’re drawing attention to yourself, it flatters her because it implies you like her and want to make an effort for her and it’ll make her laugh because you poking fun at yourself for not dressing to impress. This is a great way to start a conversation and make you seem like the kind of guy she wants to hang out with at a party.

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