10 Tips to make a woman treat you well and want to take care of you in a relationship

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Treating You Well
There are lots of ways to get a woman into a habit of treating you well and taking care of you in a relationship but it takes work. Women want to look after their man because they love them and want to build a life with them but they won’t make an effort if they feel they’re in a one-sided relationship. You need to treat her the way you want to be treated by giving her emotional support, being honest about your feelings and showing her that you love her. By doing this she’ll see what a great guy you are and will do anything for you.

1) Give her emotional support

Emotional  Support
By giving her emotional support you’re showing her that you love her and that your relationship isn’t just about sex, you care about how she’s doing emotionally. Show her how you want to be treated by listening to her when she has a problem, helping her find a solution and be understanding instead of judgemental. She’ll feel valued and will make an effort to give you the same kind of support because she wants to make you feel as good as she does.

2) Give her emotional attention

If you give her emotional attention by noticing when something is bothering her and asking her what’s wrong, you’re letting her know that you care about feelings. A lot of guys don’t do this because it makes them feel uncomfortable so this will grab her attention and make her see that you’re aware of more intimate details. Since sensitive issues like emotions and affection come more naturally to women she’ll feel like it’s okay to give you some emotional support instead of worry that it’ll annoy you like iut would other men.

3) Share your feelings with her

Women find it sexy when a man is willing to be vulnerable and share his feelings with her because it shows a lot of love and trust. Be honest with how you feel and tell her it makes you feel loved and wanted when she treats you well. This will make her want to keep treating you well because she’ll appreciate your honesty and will want to make an effort at giving you what you need. She won’t know that you’re craving more from her unless you tell her so you need to open up to her more and learn how to better communicate your needs with her.

4) Make her your number one priority

You should make her your number one priority if you want her to take care of you because she’ll only do that if she knows you’re loyal to her. Don’t give her any reason to think you’re cheating on her or see the relationship as a temporary one. Make a commitment, either with marriage or promising to be monogamous, and treat her as an equal. Once she knows you love her and will spend the rest of your life with her she’ll do anything she can to make it work and will treat you as well as you treat her.

5) Be honest with her

You need to be honest with her about everything, not just your feelings, because she needs to know what you want from the relationship. Tell her that you feel like she doesn’t look after you the way you look after her and that you’d appreciate it if she made an effort to be more loving towards you. She might not know what she needs to do differently so tell her what you’d like from her so she has an idea of how to change things.

6) Do things for her

Surprise your Partner
You need to give her a reason to take care of you because relationships aren’t one-sided and you can’t make it all about you. Lead by example and do things for her that you’d like her to do for you like being emotionally available as well as physically and doing small gestures that show her how much you love her. Doing things for her will make her feel better about herself and about dating you and this positive mood will lead to her wanting to do positive things for you.

7) Mention what your friend’s girlfriends do

You can casually mention what your friend’s girlfriends do as a way of pointing out the difference between their behaviour and your girldirend’s behaviour. You don’t want her to get the wrong idea and think you’re getting a crush on them so don’t make a big deal about it, just say that your friend was telling you about what his girlfriend did yesterday and how you thought it was awesome of her and that you’re glad to see your friend so happy. Your girlfriend will think about it and will want to have that caring, supportive dynamic in your relationship.

8) Ask her why she doesn’t take care of you

Asking her point blank why she doesn’t take care of you is a quick way to get your message across but you need to do it in a way that doesn’t upset her. A good time to do it is when you’re relaxed and snuggling together because she’ll be in the mood to listen to what you have to say. You can hold her close as you tell her that you feel like she doesn’t do enough to take care of you and you were wondering why that was. This can lead to a deeper discussion about what you want and why you’re feeling neglected by her and you can work together to find ways of changing things.

9) Don’t be afraid of showing your vulnerable side

Your vulnerable side
A lot of men act like they can take of themselves and this makes women think that it would be emasculating for them to look after their boyfriend. It’s okay to ask her for help or say that you need more affection from her because she might not realize you need that in your life. This lets her know what she needs to do without it coming across as you being whiny or incapable of looking after yourself.

10) Show your appreciation

Women don’t want to take on the Mommy role in a relationship but they don’t mind taking care of their boyfriend if you don’t demand it from them. Thank them when they do something nice for you and sound sincere so they believe you and know that their thoughtfulness has a positive impact on you.

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