10 Types of girls a guy usually dates before meeting his true love

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Party Girl
Everyone has different tastes in women and it takes time before you meet your true love because you might not be interested in the party girl or gossip girl. You can use adult dating apps like adultfriendfinder to help you find the woman who’s right for you but you might date a few other types before meeting her.

1) The party girl

She knows all the hottest places in town and will take you to them but you need to be able to keep up with her because she only dates guys who are as fun as she is. This kind of lifestyle can be tiring and you’ll want to start dating someone who lives life at a slower pace.

2) The princess

You’ll be attracted to the princess because she takes pride in her appearance and makes sure she always looks her best. She loves reading fashion magazines and spending hours shopping for clothes and makeup. They know they’re good looking and will only date men who are equally attractive or who can give them what they want, which is usually money. Your main attraction to her are her looks and she’ll physically be the woman of your dreams but after a while you’ll see that your love for her is superficial and you’ll need something more.

3) The single mom

Single Mom
You might date a single mom because she seems nice and pretty but down to earth which makes her appealing. You’ll have a good time with her but dating will be difficult because she’ll put her children first and dates might get cancelled at the last minute. Things will be even more difficult if you have children as well and these types of relationship usually don’t last long. You need to be willing to make an effort and be okay about not being a priority in her life because that’s what dating this type of woman involves.

4) The drifter

The drifter is the type of girl who doesn’t know what she wants out of life and seems dissatisfied with a lot of things. Nothing is good enough for her but she won’t make an effort to make things better. She’ll complain about being bored or being unhappy with her job and this can take a toll on you because you’ll get tired of her whining. You’ll try to help her but she’ll find excuses for why she can’t take your suggestions or help and she won’t change because it’s her personality.

5) The drinker

The drinker is a lot like the party girl except she takes things further and doesn’t know or care that she might have a problem. Her nights of partying also involves a lot of drinking and reckless behavior like going home with guys she barely knows and hanging out with the wrong types of people. She doesn’t think ahead and lives in the moment because she doesn’t care about anything else. You’ll like her carefree attitude at first but once you see how wild she really is you’ll realize she isn’t right for you.

6) The gossip girl

Gossip Girl
The gossip girl can seem exciting because she always knows what’s going on and it’s fun when she shares secrets with you because it’s like an exclusive club you belong to. She feels special by knowing everything and it gives her a power rush which makes her act more confident which can be an attractive quality. You need to remember that just because she’s dating you it doesn’t mean your secrets are safe with her so be careful what you share with her. She’s known as a gossip girl for a reason and there’s a good chance she’s gossiping about you but passing it off as bragging about her great boyfriend.

7) The career woman

Dating a career woman might work for you if you’re not ready to settle down with your true love because she’s too focused on her career to be in a serious relationship with you. She’s more likely to want a friend with benefits type of relationship because she’ll get her sexual needs met while also having enough time to do what she needs to do for work. You’ll like the fact that she’s not pushing you for marriage or kids but you’ll also have to deal with the fact that you’re not a priority in her life.

8) The unlucky in love girl

There are a lot of women who are unlucky in love and who can’t seem to make a relationship work so you’ll probably end up dating one of them. She might be bad at socializing, be too high maintenance or suffer from self-esteem issues but she’ll keep trying to make her love life work because she wants to find Prince Charming. She’ll try to make you fall in love with her but eventually her issues will get in the way and you’ll realize why she’s always unlucky in love.

9) The hookup girl

Hookup Girl
You’ll date the hookup girl when you’re in the mood for fun and not ready to take things seriously because both of you are looking for the same thing: sex. These girls are easy to find on adult dating apps like Fbookhookups and you can burn off your wildness with her before you start thinking about meeting your true love and making a life with her. She just wants to have fun and you’ll like the sex part of the relationship but you need to understand that she’s probably meeting other guys on adult dating apps. This isn’t a serious or stable relationship and you’ll start feeling unsatisfied with the meaningless sex.

10) The gym bunny

Lots of women are becoming aware of taking care of themselves and living healthier lifestyles so it’s just a matter of time before you date a gym bunny. You’ll like her because she takes care of herself and has a great body but she might not be a good fit for you if you’re not as active as she is. You need to be willing to exercise just as much as she does and stick to a healthy diet because it’s an important part of her life and she wants to date a guy who understands that. You need to date someone who has the same interests and lifestyle as you otherwise you’ll find it difficult to relate to her.

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