11 Important Tips for meeting someone special at your friend’s wedding

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Hooking up at a wedding party Going to your friend’s wedding can be a good opportunity to meet single ladies and find someone special to start dating. You just need to remember to be yourself, smile, make eye contact and have the confidence to start a conversation with them.

1) Ask your friend who the single ladies are

Before you go to the wedding you can talk to your friend and tell them that you’re going by yourself to the wedding and was wondering if they knew any of the single ladies who were going to be there. They can tell you who you might meet and you can start thinking about who you’d like to get to know which will save you time at the wedding because you’ll know exactly who to flirt with. They could also tell the single woman about you and ask her if she’d like them to pass on her information to you so you can get to know her before the wedding.

Making eye contact

2) Make eye contact and smile

Once you’ve found someone you’re interested in you need to let them know that you like them and start flirting. You need to do this the right way otherwise you’ll seem desperate. You can come across as a friendly and polite flirt by not coming on too strong and catching their attention by making eye contact and smiling. When they notice you, and smile back you can go over to them and introduce yourself.

3) Be outgoing and have fun

A wedding is a fun event and you don’t want to be the shy person who sits by themselves because you won’t meet single ladies that way. You need to be outgoing and be willing to hang out with people you don’t know because the more people you meet the higher the chances of you meeting the right person. If there’s activities at the wedding like dancing or a photo booth then use them and ask others to join you.

Asking them to dance

4) Ask them to dance

Asking single ladies to dance with you needs to be done carefully because some women are shy or are bad dancers but some women love dancing and are attracted to men who are smooth dancers. Pay attention to the woman you’re interested in and see how she reacts to the dance floor. If she’s avoiding it or is dancing awkwardly then ask her if she wants to go somewhere quiet because she’s not the dancing type. If she’s dancing by herself or sitting at a table and moving to the beat while watching other people dance then ask her and show her that you know how to make all the right moves.

5) Spend time talking to people

Instead you need to seem laid-back and like you’re enjoying your friend’s wedding so you’ll look more approachable to women. You can do this by spending time talking to all kinds of people like men, couples and married women so it seems like you just want to get to know them better. If you’re lucky they might know someone who’s single and introduce you to them.

6) Give a toast

A good way to get single ladies to notice you is by giving a toast because you’ll look like a kind, thoughtful friend who’s well spoken. You can subtly let them know you’re single too by casually saying that you hope one day you’ll meet a woman as lovely as your friend’s wife and leave the single life for good. As you’re giving your speech look around the room and make eye contact with the woman or women that you’re interested in to get their attention.

7) Dress to impress

Everyone dresses nicely for a wedding but married men make less of an effort to be attractive because they know they’re not going to be trying to impress women. Take the time to make yourself attractive by getting a haircut, wearing a suit that fits properly and isn’t wrinkled, wear a tie that matches instead of clashes, wear cuff links and make sure your shows are polished because women notice little details like that.

8) Mention being single

When you’re mingling with the other wedding guests you can casually mention that you’re single when they ask if you’re with anybody or if they ask about your personal life. Even if they’re not single somebody else in the group might be or they might be friends with someone who’s single and try to play matchmaker. Don’t act like it bothers you being single or that you hope to meet somebody at the wedding, instead say you’re single but hope you get to meet a special lady soon because you’d love to be in a relationship again.

Be simpathetic to single ladies

9) Be sympathetic to them being single

Single ladies feel left out and uncomfortable at weddings because it’s a big reminder that they’re not in a relationship and that people at the wedding see them as being sad or lonely so you need to be thoughtful of this. When you’re talking to them don’t make a big deal about being single or ask why they didn’t bring someone to the wedding because it’s a sensitive topic. Instead spend the conversation focusing on them and making them feel special by getting to know them better.

Flirth with one or two ladies

10) Only flirt with one or two people

When you get to the wedding spend some time checking out the single ladies and only talk to them if it’s a group situation. When you know which one you’re most interested in you can start flirting to see if they feel the same way. You want to only flirt with one or two women because people will notice if you’re going from woman to woman trying to get lucky. By keeping a low flirting profile, they’ll think they’re the only one you’re interested in and will feel flattered which gives you a better chance of success.

11) Talk about how you know the happy couple

When you’re talking to a woman that you’re hoping to go out with you can strengthen the connection with her by mentioning how you know the couple who are getting married. Tell her about your friendship with them, where you first met and how long you’ve known them. This will make you seem safe and familiar to her because you know someone that she does and it can lead to a longer conversation. She might talk to her friend later on about you and there’s a good chance they’ll talk you up and make you sound like a good catch.

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