How to read women’s body language when flirting and hooking up

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Reading Non Verbal Communication When you’re flirting with a hot woman and trying to hook up with her you need pay attention to her non verbal communication cues as well as what she actually says to avoid getting the wrong message. Once you know what to look for it’ll be easy for you to spot the signs of her flirting and will feel confident about asking her out.

Eye contact is a good sign because it’s her trying to make a connection with you. It’s her way of getting your attention because it’s natural instinct to look back at someone who’s doing that. You should make eye contact with her to make it clear that you’ve noticed her interest and like it otherwise she might think she’s made a mistake. Continue making eye contact with her while you talk to her so she doesn’t accidentally think you’re checking out other women too in case things don’t go well with her.

Smiling and biting her lip is a big sign of flirting because that’s what women tend to do when they’re nervous and excited. She feels good around you so she smiles but she doesn’t want to come across as too eager so she gets nervous and she bites her lower lip. If she does this when you’re flirting with her then it means she’s having a hard time controlling her emotions and is attracted to you.

The closeness of her body is a clear sign of how she feels about you because it shows her comfort level. If she’s sitting away from you then she wants to keep her distance but if she makes an effort to sit close enough that your bodies can touch then it means she wants to get to know you better. She might be shy though so look at her reaction when you move closer to you. If she smiles and doesn’t move away then it means she wants you near her.

The things that she does with her hands and arms will also tell you how comfortable she is around you. Crossing her arms in front of her is a defensive position that means she wants to keep space between you. If she’s in a more relaxed position and her arms are by her side then she’s feeling good. Her hands might be fidgeting with the hem of her shirt or her watch because she’s trying to keep calm and focus on you instead of letting her emotions get carried away.

When you’re looking for a hook up it’s better to go after a woman who’s showing positive body language by doing things like making eye contact, leaning in close and making small touches with her hand. Knowing these signs will help you quickly pick out which women you’ll be successful with.

Katy Benett