11 Ways to make a woman addicted to you – even if you are not very attractive

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A Woman Addicted to YouYou can still be successful on dating sites like FbookHookups even if you’re not very attractive because you can use your personality as your selling point. By treating women with respect, showing confidence and making her feel like a goddess you’ll have her addicted to you.

1) Be confident

You need to be confident without coming across as arrogant because this makes you seem strong and sexy. If you meeting women on dating sites then keep your message simple but thoughtful. Tell her that you’re interested in her and what part of her profile caught your attention because using specifics will make you seem sincere. Avoid saying things like you “might” be interested in meeting or that you were “wondering” if she liked you too because this makes you sound unsure. If you’re meeting in person then make eye contact, introduce yourself and start a conversation with her instead of acting nervous about the possibility of being rejected.

2) Be an intellectual

Women like men who are smart and are able to have stimulating conversations so brush up on a few subjects that interest you. Avoid topics like sports or other things that women aren’t really interested in and focus on broader subjects like art, movies, books or a hobby. You can also browse the news before going out so you can be up to date on what’s happening which might be helpful if she mentions something she saw or heard on the news earlier. By having knowledge of some topics you will be able to have smoother conversations and you’ll seem smart and informed.

3) Make her feel sexy

Don’t check out other women, tell her how sexy she is and how attracted you are to her. Hearing you express yourself is a huge turn on because most men keep their feelings to themselves and this will make her feel special. You can also use body language to make her feel sexy by being affectionate with her, holding her close and taking time to appreciate her body by running your hands over it.

4) Show her that your feelings are real

If you show her that your feelings for her are real then she’s going to want to spend more time with you. Tell her that you enjoy being with her and that you want to be in a serious relationship with her so she knows how you feel. You can also do thoughtful or loving gestures like listening to what she says, remembering things that are important to her and giving her nice surprises like cooking her dinner or taking her to a movie you know she’s been dying to see.

5) Be kind and respectful to everybody

Being kind and respectful is an attractive quality that women look for in a man so pay attention to how you treat others. You should do things that are a common courtesy like holding doors open, not interrupting people when they’re speaking, saying “Please” and “Thank you” and not getting distracted by your phone at inappropriate moments. By treating others with respect you’re showing her that you care about other people and you have manners which will make her think you’re the type of man she should date.

6) Have hobbies that you care about

It’s boring dating a guy who has no hobbies or always has vague answers when he’s asked about what he likes to do. Find out what you’re passionate about and spend time doing it so when you’re talking to her about yourself there’s something that can grab her attention. Don’t mention video games or sports and focus on hobbies that make you seem outgoing like sports or traveling.

7) Take an interest in her

If you’re attracted to her then don’t put her off by being too obvious about it or trying to take things to the bedroom straight away, especially if you meet using dating sites. These sites are known for hookups but women want to feel a connection before taking things too far so take the time to get to know her. Ask her about what she does for a living, what her interests are and what her ideal date would be so she knows you’re after more than just sex.

8) Use small loving gestures

Small loving gestures show that you care and will strengthen the bond between the two of you so she’s going to feel good around you. She’ll like the way you make her feel and will want more of it which will lead to more frequent dates. Small gestures you can do are putting your arm around her when you’re relaxing together, holding her hand when walking down the street, brushing her hair out of her eyes or gently touching her arm when you’re speaking to her.

Having sense of humor

9) Have a sense of humor

No one wants to date a guy who’s too serious and gets upset easily so work on your attitude. You want to be laidback and friendly because this will make it more comfortable for her to be with you. When something goes wrong don’t turn it into a big deal and laugh it off. Having a good sense of humor will make her see you as the kind of guy she can be relaxed around and have a good time with. You can also make her laugh by telling her a funny story about something that happened to you or by repeating a joke you heard to keep the mood light.

10) Have good hygiene and fashion sense

You can make yourself more attractive by practicing good hygiene and making sure you have a good fashion sense. Make sure you shower and shave before a date, don’t wear too much cologne or aftershave and have good smelling breath. Wear clothes that look clean and fit properly because women don’t want to date guys who go around in faded jeans and baggy t-shirts. You should wear a casual but appealing outfit like a dress shirt and trousers to show that you care about your appearance.

11) Be a good lover

You can make a woman crazy about you by being a good lover and making sex an experience she can’t get enough of. Don’t rush through sex and spend time on foreplay because you want it to feel amazing for her. Kiss and touch her until she can’t take it anymore then begin to make love to her. If you really want to make her happy then make sure she orgasms at least once and don’t stop until she does.

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