7 Big online dating profile mistakes made by men over 40

July 24, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Online Dating Profile Mistakes Men over 40 feel like it’s harder to date because women want young, sexy guys to go out with. This leads to them bragging about how much better they are than other guys which turns off women and they become a cliche of a desperate silver fox.

1) Not enough pictures

Women worry that older men aren’t good looking and are using old pictures to seem more attractive. If they see only one or two pictures on your profile they’re going to think you’re hiding what you really look like. Upload multiple pictures of you in different settings so they can feel confident that they know what to expect from you.

2) Showing off their body

There are two types of older men: ones who look over 40 and ones who make an effort to stay fit and attractive. Men think that it’s okay to go around topless no matter their body type but women don’t want to look at men who are out of shape. If that’s you then don’t post pictures of you topless and instead post pictures of you wearing clean and well-fitting clothes.

3) Being too vague about their interests

Women look for men that they can relate to so if your profile is full of vague phrases like “enjoy being active” or “lots of fun” then she’s going to move on to someone else. You need to be specific about what you do to stay active and what you like to do for fun. Talk about your favorite sports or hobbies so they can have something to use in conversation.

4) Being too demanding

Some men have unrealistic expectations and list on their profile everything that they want in a woman. This makes you seem demanding and arrogant which will make women look for a more laid back guy. Keep an open mind and look for basic but genuine traits like women who are friendly, outgoing and are actually willing to meet.

5) Playing the sympathy card

There’s a cliche that older men are bitter and lonely because they’re jaded by failed marriages. Don’t mention getting out of a bad marriage or having a hard time finding the right woman because it makes you look like you’re playing the sympathy card. Instead focus on the positive things in life and say that you’re looking forward to meeting someone new.

6) Bragging about money

You need to use money as a way to get them interested in you and women will wonder what’s wrong with you.

7) Thinking everyone wants a silver fox

A popular cliche is that young women love a sexy silver fox who can take care of them but women want more than that. Don’t emphasize how much experience you have or that women would be lucky to date you. Acknowledge your age then talk about what you’re like as a person because they might find your age a turn off.

Katy Benett