7 Major reasons why the idea that women have become “too easy” is false

November 22, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Have a Casual Relationship People seem to think that women have become too easy and are more interested in having a casual relationship than a traditional relationship. While it’s true that it is more acceptable to have consensual sex before marriage it doesn’t mean women have become too easy.

1) Men seek out easy ones and brag

Some women are easy and men seek them out for easy consensual sex so they don’t have to put effort into having a relationship. They end up bragging to their friends about how easy she was but they never mention how they got turned down by numerous women before they found her. A lot of men do this and it makes it seem like all women are this way. If they were honest about all the rejections then this myth wouldn’t exist.

2) Women protect their reputation

Women know that they’ll get a reputation for being easy if they go out with too many guys and they don’t want to be seen as “that” girl. They know that if they’re known for being too easy then a lower class of men will start asking her out and her girlfriends will be uncomfortable having her around their partners. They want to be seen as a respectable woman and will protect her reputation by not sleeping around.

3) Women have self-respect

Women have self-respect so they won’t do things like sleep with the first guy that catches their eye. Instead they’ll wait until they meet someone special and decide to give themselves to him. This makes them feel more positive about their behavior which leads to them making better decisions. They know this and this is why they’re cautious when it comes to having sex.

4) Women still value connection over sex

This means that women are less likely to jump into bed with a stranger and will take their time getting to know someone before they make that step. They want to know that they’re with the right person.

5) Meaningful sex is more satisfying

Meaningful sex is when there’s love between two people and a mutual respect. With casual sex there’s little emotional involvement and men see her as a hook up which leaves women feeling unsatisfied because they feel like they’re being used for sex. This leaves them feeling empty and they don’t want to experience this so they won’t put themselves in this situation.

6) Women think about the future

Women think about the future and know that one day they’ll be married. They know that conversations about the past will come up and she doesn’t want to come across as someone who was easy. Instead they want to be seen as someone who had a few relationships and who lived a clean, healthy lifestyle.

7) Women think about the risks

Women know that it’s riskier for them to have sex than men because not only do they have to worry about STD’s, they also have to worry about getting pregnant or hooking up with an abusive man. They’re going to think about whether or not the man they sleep with is worth the risk and will take steps to minimize making a mistake.

Katy Benett