7 Reasons Why You Should Date a woman Who Travels

November 7, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Date a woman who travels A romantic relationship doesn’t have to become boring as time goes on if you date a woman who travels a lot. She’ll keep things exciting without giving you a reason to consider breaking up with her. In many ways a woman who travels is the perfect woman.

1) She’s adventurous

Traveling is often full of spontaneous moments and those who travel a lot crave this adrenaline rush. You can expect a woman who’s up for anything and loves to try new things which could mean more fun for you in the bedroom. Try to be as outgoing as she is and find new ways to push her boundaries because it’ll appeal to her sense of adventure.

2) She’s independent

A woman who travels tends to be independent and knows what she wants to do. She can make plans and follow through on them without expecting help from anyone. There’s more equality between the two of you because she’s not the type of person who wants you to do everything for her or to always make plans on what to do for date night.

3) She’s smart

It takes money to travel so she needs to be smart in many ways if she wants to afford this type of lifestyle. She knows the value of a dollar and won’t waste money on silly things which means she’s financially stable and won’t be asking you for money. She’ll also be able to deal with any problems that come up because she’s used to figuring things out.

4) She stays busy

She doesn’t expect to spend all her time with you so you don’t need to worry about her being too clingy. She probably knows where the hot spots in town are and enjoys trying new restaurants which she can go to with her girlfriends so you can have a quiet night at home alone.

5) She’s exciting

It’s just a matter of time before couples find it difficult to keep things feeling fresh and exciting. A woman who travels will always have interesting stories to tell about the trips she’s been on and could suggest great places for the two of you to go on vacation. She will want to share her past experiences with you and you’ll never know what she’ll come up with to show you part of her life.

6) She’s drama-free

Relationships with these type of women tend to be drama-free because she knows what it’s like to live a busy life. She won’t get upset if you have to cancel plans because something came up or if you need to spend extra time on a work project. She understands that you have a life of your own and will be fine with you doing things without her.

7) She doesn’t expect commitment

Traveling is a lifestyle habit that some people love to the point where they don’t want to settle down. Unless you love traveling as much as she does and have the same finances as her to the point where you’d consider being her travel partner then chances are good that it’ll only be a short term relationship. She’ll move on as soon as her next trip is planned.

Katy Benett