7 Sex positions you should never do

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Best Positions to avoid during sex Everyone wants to know what the best positions are for sex but they never think about the ones you shouldn’t try. If you want to have a hot night of sex instead of an awkward one then it’s best to avoid certain sexual positions.

1) Cowgirl

This is a popular position because it’s sexy to have a hot woman riding you but if there isn’t enough lubrication then you could end up fracturing your penis. The less wet she is the more friction you’re going to feel and that can put pressure on your penis. If she’s riding you fast enough it could cause a fracture which leads to an embarrassing trip to the doctor.

2) Reverse Cowgirl

This position is just as bad as Cowgirl and is also a cause of penis fractures. In this case the issue is with the angle that you’re entering her from. When she leans forward and braces her hands on your thighs she’s putting pressure on your penis and the constant up and down motion of her body could cause it to fracture because of the force put on that spot.

3) Counter Top

This might seem like a hot thing to try when you’re feeling spontaneous but it can lead to pain. In this position she’s sitting on the edge of a counter top while you stand in front of her and fuck her. This can hurt her because the angle that you’re entering her with can cause you to hit her pubic bone. This will give her a sharp, bruising feeling deep inside and can turn her off sex for a few minutes until the feeling passes.

4) Titty Fuck

Breasts don’t naturally lube themselves like a vagina does which means that even though the skin is soft you still need to lube that area if you’re going to titty fuck her. If you don’t lube the area then the constant rubbing motion can tear the skin on your penis, especially around the head. This will be uncomfortable and take at least a few days to heal.

5) The Pogo Stick

In this position you’re standing up and holding her while she has her legs wrapped around your waist. You’re in control of the movements as you move her up and down. This can put a lot of stress on your body and this could lead to back problems like strains or muscle aches.

6) 69

Women are self-conscious about their body and she’s going to be focused on how she looks to you since her most intimate area is in your face. It’s also hard for her to enjoy what you’re doing to her because she’s busy trying to make it good for you and can’t let her body give in to the feeling.

7) Lap Dance

This might seem like a safe position because you’re sitting in a chair while she’s on top of you but she could injure herself. Not only does she have her legs over your shoulders but she’s also leaning back and bracing herself in your thighs. It’s easy for her to lose her balance or for her hand to slip off you and you’ll be too worked up to grab her. She could hurt her wrist by breaking her fall or pull a back muscle at the sudden movement.

Katy Benett