7 things you do when arguing with Bae that makes things worse

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Apologize too soon Everyone will argue with their bae at some point and if you do the wrong thing then you could make things worse. Apologize too soon or giving her an ultimatum will only upset her even more and the fight will drag on. Avoid doing the following so you can get the relationship back on track sooner.

1) Apologize too soon

The apology will feel meaningless and she’s going to feel like you don’t really care about her because you’re not making an effort and are just saying ‘Sorry.’ to make her happy. Only ask forgiveness when the fight is truly over and both of you are ready to move on so it sounds sincere.

2) Giving her an ultimatum

Never give an ultimatum like demanding she calm down or you’ll leave because you’re going to have to follow through on what you say otherwise she won’t take you seriously. This will also make her feel like you’re too controlling and that she needs to do what you tell her to which will make her angrier because it takes away the sense of being a couple.

3) Bringing up the past

Never bring up the past during an argument because she’s upset about something that’s recently happened. It might be related to an incident in the past but you need to stay focused on what she’s currently upset about because this will help resolve the issue quicker. Forget about the past because it’ll bring up other issues and try to think of how to fix the situation you’re in.

4) Yelling back

She’s arguing with you because something is wrong and she’s frustrated to the point where it can’t be dealt with in a calm way. By yelling back at her you’re showing her that you’re not interested in dealing with it and that you’re as out of control as she is. She’s going to feel like you’re not listening to her and since yelling is an aggressive trait it will upset her even more.

5) Acting indifferent

Never act indifferent by doing things like rolling your eyes or telling her that she’s overreacting. This makes her feel like you’re not taking the situation seriously and that you don’t care about what she’s feeling. She’s going to get louder to try and make you realize just how upset she is and it will take longer for her to calm down because her emotions are so high.

6) Taking cheap shots

Don’t resort to taking cheap shots like calling her names or saying your ex never got upset like this. You’re just making the argument last longer and will give her something else to be upset about which you’re going to have to ask forgiveness for. It’s better to stay calm, let her vent her emotions then try to talk through the situation until she’s feeling better.

7) Telling your friends

Some arguments aren’t dealt with straight away because things simmer down and there’s a distance between you for a few days while each of you take some time to deal with it. If the argument is drawn out then don’t complain to your friends about it or try to get them on your side. She might find out and feel like you’re ganging up on her or trying to make her look like a drama queen which is going to hurt her feelings.

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