7 Tips on how to stop fighting with your girlfriend so much

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How to stop fighting One of the most common relationship questions is how to stop fighting so much with your girlfriend. A couple fighting now and again isn’t unusual but there are steps you can take to make sure that it doesn’t become a regular part of your life.

1) Deal with things when they happen

A small issue could turn into bigger issues later on if you don’t bother dealing with them right away because it gives time for resentment and anger to grow. When something is bothering you talk about it with your girlfriend and don’t end the conversation until you’ve found a solution that both of you are happy with.

2) Don’t bring up old issues

Once you’ve forgiven your girlfriend for something that happened in the past there’s no need for you to bring it up again. Mentioning it during a fight shows her that you didn’t really forgive her and that you still hold a grudge. She’s going to be hurt by that and this could lead to another fight later on.

3) Accept her faults

You should try accepting her faults so they don’t annoy you as much. If she has annoying habits like leaving the lights on or always showing up late then tell her that it bothers you so she can try and change her behavior. When she does them by accident then you should try to ignore it and realize that you have to accept her for how she is.

4) Take responsibility

Fights can sometimes be avoided if the person who made a mistake takes responsibility for their actions instead of acting like it isn’t a big deal. Show her that you’re a mature adult by admitting when you’ve done something wrong. This will decrease the chances of her getting upset and she’ll feel like she can trust you which means in the future she’s going to feel like she can be honest with you too. This means less drama and more understanding between the two of you.

5) Take a break

When you feel like things are getting heated up between you and your girlfriend then take a break. It could be for a few hours or a few days, it depends on how long it takes for you to get your emotions under control. Go for a walk or hang out with friends until you feel like you can take to your girlfriend rationally about the problem so that you can avoid fighting about it.

6) See things from her side

A couple fighting over something small can escalate because they’re each trying to prove they’re right. When you feel like a fight is about to start take a minute to think about things from her point of view. Be honest and don’t twist things in your mind to prove that she’s wrong. Once you can see things from her side there will be a stronger understanding and you might think of a different way to solve the issue or be more willing to do things her way.

7) Don’t lose control

It’s hard to keep control when you’re upset but you need to do that otherwise things can get a lot worse. Yelling and swearing will increase the tension and she’s going to want to hold her own in the fight so she’s going to get worked up too.

Katy Benett