7 Things to do if your girlfriend won’t go down on you

December 14, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

She gives you the best blowjob There are two types of women in the world: those that go down and those that don’t. If you want the best blowjob of your life but your girlfriend won’t go down on you then you need to find ways of dealing with it.

1) 69 position

Blowjobs are all about your pleasure and it’s not going to do a lot for her so consider trying a new position like 69. Present this idea to your girlfriend as a way of trying a new position to make things more exciting. This way you’ll get your blowjob but it also makes her feel like it isn’t all about what you want because she’s getting some action too.

2) Ask her

She might not be going down on you because there are other things she enjoys doing instead or she might think she isn’t good at it. It’s okay to casually ask her to go down on you as long as you’re not too demanding because that will keep the conversation light and she’s more likely to be open to it. Let her know that you enjoy it and that you want her to try it with you now and again.

3) Go down on her first

Women hate it when they’re willing to do oral but they don’t get any in return. They like oral too so go down on her first and make it amazing for her. You could use it as foreplay and make sure she cums before moving on to sex. This will put her in a good mood and the next time you have sex she’s going to want to repay you for what you’ve done.

4) Play a sex game

Don’t have it be the first thing you ask for because you want to put her in the mood so start out with kissing or a striptease and get a bit naughtier each time until you get what you really want.

5) Give her time

If you make it obvious that you want her to go down on you then it’s putting pressure on her and she’ll be less likely to do it. Let her know that you would like it if she gave you a blowjob and if she’s not ready then let the issue go. She might feel embarrassed or shy, especially if she’s not experienced but if you give her time to think about it she might change her mind.

6) Clean up the area

She might not be going down on you because your nether regions aren’t as clean as you think they are and she has no interest in being that close to it. Take a bit of time to make that area more presentable so it doesn’t gross her out. Shower before sex so you don’t smell sweaty and make sure your pubic hair is under control by giving it a trim.

7) Find someone else

If you’re in an open relationship or not committed to your partner you can find someone else to hook up with. Be selective about the woman you choose and go for someone who’s sexually adventurous because she’ll be more likely to go down on you and she might even be into trying other things in the bedroom.

Katy Benett