7 Things That Happen When You Date a Drug Addict

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Dealing with drug addiction Drug addiction is something that can happen to anyone and you could end up dating someone dealing with this. You could meet them at a bar, on a blind date or on dating sites like Adult Friend Finder but when you do then you’ll need to know what to expect otherwise you’ll find yourself lost in your relationship.

1) You won’t feel important

Someone dealing with drug addiction will need their fix and they’ll be constantly thinking about getting high instead of thinking about their next date with you. You’ll be second on the list and they’ll always put drugs before you because they feel like they can’t live without it but they can always get a new lover. They’ll be late for dates or forget them as they focus on what the really care about and won’t make an effort to make the relationship work.

2) They’ll make lots of excuses

They’ll make excuses about where they were, what they were doing and why they were late because they don’t want you to know that they were getting high. They want you to think that they’re okay and have things under control so you won’t try to get them to stop.

3) There will be mood swings

When addicts need a fix it makes them act irrational because the craving gets worse and worse which can lead to mood swings plus the drugs themselves will alter their moods. You won’t know how they’ll react to you because you don’t know what’s going on inside them and they’re not mentally in a place where they can control their behavior. You’ll be on edge when you’re around them and feel like you’re trapped.

4) Love turns into worry and guilt

Instead of looking forward to date nights or vacations with them you’ll spend your time thinking about whether they’re okay and wishing you could help them. You’ll feel like a failure because you can’t fix them and make them into the person you want them to be.

5) There won’t be trust

You might trust them at the beginning of the relationship but that will change as they lie to cover up their drug habit. They’ll lie about meeting their dealer and how much drugs they do because they want everything to be okay. You won’t know when they’re telling the truth and this will make you doubt everything they say. The relationship will break down and you’ll be unhappy until you ends things.

6) Fights will happen

Fights will happen a lot because they’re dealing with a serious issue and are struggling with controlling it. You’ll want to help them but they need to want it too otherwise they won’t try to get professional help. You’ll also be tired of the lies and stress so you’ll have a shorter temper. Both of you will get frustrated and you’ll see that nearly every fight will lead back to drugs.

7) Money will be the priority

Drugs cost money and a prescription pill habit can be as expensive as an illegal drug habit. They’ll constantly need money so they can buy the drugs they need and over time they’ll need more drugs to get the high they want. This leads to money problems and they’ll do anything to get more of it which could mean lying or stealing to get it. Bills won’t get paid, they’ll ask you for loans and you’ll get stressed trying to figure out how to make things work.

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