7 Things to remember when the girl you’re seeing won’t text you back

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She Won't Text You BackIt’s easy to think your girlfriend is cheating if she doesn’t text you back because it’s easy for people to hook up using sex dating sites like FbookHokups. You wonder if she’s on them right now, talking to them instead of you but there are other possibilities.

1) She isn’t cheating

If you think she’s cheating then you need to look for other signs like cancelling plans with you or always coming up with excuses for why she’s too busy for you. It’s hard to juggle two guys so she’ll make an effort to reply to your texts because she wants you to think everything’s okay if she actually is cheating.

2) She isn’t looking for a replacement

You don’t need to jump to the conclusion that she’s dumped you and is already looking for another guy. If she’s happy with you then she’s going to show it in lots of ways, like spending time with you and making an effort to get to know you better. You need to worry about her looking for a replacement when she starts trying to change you or making comments about how you’re not the type of guy she thought you were.

3) She might be busy

Life can get busy and she might not have had a chance to text you. She assumes you know that she likes you and doesn’t think that texting is a big deal because she doesn’t know that it bothers you. She may drop hints about being busy by telling you about work or social plans and expects you to be understanding of the fact that she has other things going on.

4) She’s not into texting

Some women don’t like texting if they wear fake nails or frequently gets manicures. It’s difficult to type with fake nails because it takes time to get used to the way they feel and manicures chip easier if the nails are constantly used to type so if she does either of these things then she might not text unless she has to.

5) It might not need a reply

The text you sent her might not need a reply if it’s just you saying “Hi.” or telling her you can’t wait for your next date. These types of texts she’ll read but won’t reply to unless she has something she wants to tell you or has time for a conversation.

6) She’s trying to figure things out

At some point in every relationship you’re going to wonder if they’re right for you and whether or not you should keep dating. If things have been strained between you then she might be ignoring your text because she needs time to figure things out. She doesn’t want you putting pressure on her so she’ll keep a distance until she’s made up her mind.

7) She prefers talking in person

It’s easier to have a conversation in person because you can understand more by paying attention to body language so she might prefer face to face communication. This is just a personal preference and doesn’t have anything to do with the way she feels about.

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