7 Things women look for in a grown man’s bachelor pad

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Bachelor Pad Ideas You need to make a good impression when you’re girlfriend comes over for the first time so take some time find bachelor pad ideas that will make her want to come over often.

1) Cleanliness

Clutter is distracting and makes you look like you don’t care about how messy your place is. She’s going to be uncomfortable and this will make her want to spend less time there. Before she comes over go through each room and hide junk in drawers and dust the shelves and tables so that it looks like you actually take care of your home.

2) Candles

Candles give a nicer aroma than air freshener sprays and they have a romantic vibe to them. Never have air fresheners out because it looks like your trying to hide bad smells and instead have a couple of vanilla or lavender scented candles scattered around the room. These will be easy to light when you’re trying to put her in the mood.

3) Comfortable furniture

Cheap furniture tends to be uncomfortable to sit on and look bland which will make her think you don’t have good taste. It’s better to spend a bit more money on comfortable furniture and have fewer pieces than to have a house full of junk.

4) Books

Books make a better impression than magazines so arrange them in a way that she notices the books first. Make sure they’re ones you’ve actually read in case she talks to you about them and keep the magazines in a neat stack on a table. She’ll think that you have a variety of interests and that you have an intellectual edge which are attractive qualities in a guy.

5) A well-stocked fridge

Women love a man who can cook and an empty fridge tells her that you eat unhealthy fast food all the time. Keep it well stocked with fruits and vegetables so she knows you care about your health and always have enough ingredients to cook her a meal in case she comes over on short notice.

6) Tidy kitchen

Your kitchen needs to be tidy because it’s the perfect place for you to cook her a romantic dinner. Having sex in the kitchen could happen if you play your cards right too which gives you another reason for wanting to keep your kitchen tidy. Dishes and cutlery should match, dirty dishes shouldn’t be on the counter tops and it should be regularly swept to get rid of crumbs.

7) A made bed

If your bedroom is messy and your bed is covered in rumpled sheets then your chances of having sex are going to greatly decrease. Make your bed look inviting by having clean sheets on it and make sure they’re not faded or full of holes. Always makes your bed before going out on a date because you never know when she’ll be -coming back with you.

Katy Benett