10 Creative Places To Have Sex Outside Of Your Bedroom

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Sex in the ShowerSex isn’t just for the bedroom, you can have lots of fun in places like the laundry room and kitchen or even have sex in public. All you need is a bit of creativity.

1) Laundry room

Sex in the laundry room is good because you can use the sturdiness of the machines for support and the vibrations of them can be arousing for women. Let her sit on the machine while it’s on and the vibrations will tease her sensitive parts while you touch her.

2) Kitchen

Having sex in the kitchen means you can use food like chocolate sauce, whipped cream and strawberries to add to the experience. The kitchen table should be sturdy enough to support the two of you plus it’s easy to clean up.

3) Backyard

If you have a fence then you could position yourself out of their eye line or choose a time when you know they’re away.

4) Stairs

Stairs are great for having sex doggy style because she can use them to brace herself while she bends over for you. You could also sit on them while she straddles you and uses the stairs for leverage while she’s moving on you. It’s a more intimate feeling because you’re in a smaller space than a bed.

5) The shower

The shower can add a new sensation to sex because the water makes you feel slippery and soft. It also makes clean up after sex easy and you can use waterproof sex toys or the shower head to make things even more interesting.

6) A friend’s place

There’s a feeling of excitement and nervousness when having sex at a friend’s place because you need to be quiet so they don’t hear you. Having quick, quiet sex can add a rush that’s missing from your sex life because of the element of being caught by someone you know.

7) Parking lot

A parking lot can give you privacy during sex because you’re in a car but there’s still a chance of someone seeing you. You could park at the far end of the lot during the evening to give you more privacy and the car windows will make you aware of what you’re doing.

8) City park

Sex in public is riskier when it’s done in a wide open space like a city park but there’s also more excitement because of the risk. You can do it in an area that isn’t busy and do it at a time when not a lot of people are around like late in the evening to avoid being caught.

9) Cinema

You could have sex in a regular cinema or go to an adult cinema where they’ll have porn playing and there’s less people. It’s difficult to have full on sex in these places but making out and fingering or giving a handjob is something that can be easily done in the dark.

10) Hotel

You can role-play by pretending to be strangers who have a one night stand or by pretending that your girlfriend is a prostitute you’re picking up. Sex in a place like this means you don’t have to worry about being interrupted and you can just focus on each other while doing whatever you want.

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