7 Tips to make her want you as more than just a fuck buddy

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Be more than just friends with benefits Friends with benefits is a great way to have casual sex with someone you know but sometimes you develop feelings for the other person. You start wanting them like you would a girlfriend but it can be hard to turn you naughty fucking into a love story.

1) Be romantic

A fuck buddy is nothing but sex with someone you know and women want more from that if they’re going to consider being in a relationship with them. By doing little romantic things like taking her to a nice restaurant or lighting candles in the bedroom you’re showing her that your feelings have changed. These are the kinds of things boyfriends do and she’ll start thinking about what it would be like if you were that. This will help her see you in a different way and as more than just a guy to fuck.

2) Talk to her

She might be wondering why your feelings for her have suddenly changed so you need to let her know that you’re serious about taking things to another level. She’ll appreciate you telling her that you want to be more than fuck buddies and this could be the start to the two of you feeling closer emotionally which is key for women because they need to feel a connection with a man if they want a relationship with them.

3) Mention being single

If you mention being single and wanting to find someone just like her to start dating this will make her think about whether or not she could be the one for you. Make sure you say you want someone like her because if you don’t then she’ll think you want someone different personality wise and that you’re no longer interested in her.

4) Use flattery

Things between fuck buddies are usually distant when it comes to emotions so start paying attention to hers. Give her compliments on how she looks and try to make her feel sexy. Women love compliments and she will feel good about herself which will make her want to spend more time with you. She’ll also notice that you’re making more of an effort to be nice to her.

5) Touch her more

Touch her more often and in ways that a fuck buddy wouldn’t. touch her hand when you talk or put your hand on the small of her back when you’re beside her. These little touches are more intimate and she’ll notice them which will make her think about being around you even when you’re not having sex.

6) Take an interest in her

You want her to know that you’re attracted to her and that it isn’t just a sex based relationship. Show an interest in what she likes such as hobbies, movies and TV shows. Get to know her as a person and find things that you have in common so that she’ll know what types of things you guys can do together.

7) Make yourself seem like boyfriend material

You need to make her think you’re the type of guy she wants to be in a relationship with so do things that will make her want to take things further with you. Always act like a gentleman and treat her with respect, suggest doing things that don’t involve sex and be a fun person to spend time with. Take an interest in what she does and ask about her day. You need to be the perfect companion for her so show her what she can expect from you if the two of you do end up dating.

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