7 Ways to last longer during sex

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How to last longer in bed How to last longer in bed is something that a lot of men want to know the secret of because they either suffer from quick ejaculation or they think that their sex life isn’t as fulfilling as it should be. There are a few simple tricks you can start doing right now that will help you last longer during sex.

1) Jerk off earlier in the day

If you jerk off earlier in the day then when it comes to your date later that night you won’t be so eager for sex. Your body will need time to be ready for sex again so soon and it will take you longer to get to the point of cumming. Also the more you jerk off the more you can understand your body and recognize when you’re getting too excited and ready to lose control. This will let you notice these signs during sex and you’ll know you need to slow down.

2) Focus on foreplay

Focusing on foreplay not only gives you time to let the anticipation build but also lets you spend more time making sure your partner is satisfied. This will lead to more time spent in the bedroom and make your partner more happy with your sex life which could lead to the two of you having sex more often. Foreplay can last as long as you want it to and will slowly lead into sex and you can set the pace for when you want to cum.

3) Let her be on top

Usually when women are on top they’re the ones who are in control and they will be going at a pace that feels good to them which tends to be slower than a man’s pace. Not only do women take longer to get to the edge of cumming but being on top increases the sensation that women feel but will decrease the sensation that men feel because of the angle which will help you hold off.

4) Try something new

Try something new in the bedroom can be exciting and can take your focus off the end goal of sex which is cumming. This could be trying a new position or sex toy depending on what you’re in the mood for. The point of this is to get you to focus on what you’re doing instead of what you’re feeling and the two of you will be taking the time to find out what feels good.

5) Use extra thick condoms

A lot of men don’t like using condoms because they feel less sensation and pressure during sex but this can actually help you last longer which is what you want. The best one for someone who has problems with premature ejaculation are extra thick condoms. These will do a good job of stopping you from feeling as much as you usually do during sex so it will take you longer to get to the point of having to cum.

6) Add edging to sex

Edging is when you get close to cumming then slow down so you stay on the edge. There are different ways you can edge such as stopping what you’re doing while only touching her or have her touch you in a way that won’t push you to the point of cumming. If you do this often enough you can train yourself to hold off on cumming until you’re ready.

7) Try multiple positions

Trying multiple positions during sex can help you last longer during sex because it will give you quick breaks which will force you to take a couple of extra seconds to get back in the mood. Those few seconds will help you get under control and also add a bit of excitement to your sex session because it’s a change.

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