7 ways to make it clear you want a casual relationship

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Casual Relationship When you’ve got a good thing going with someone you’ve met but you still don’t want to commit then you need to make it clear to them. You don’t want to ruin things by being too harsh with them but there are a few subtle things you can do to make sure that they stay in the casual relationship zone.

1) Don’t get emotionally involved

Non serious relationship works best when it’s a purely physical relationship so don’t get emotionally involved. Making small talk is expected but don’t get too personal with them. Avoid topics like their plans for the future or how they see the relationship going. If you feel yourself starting to have feelings for them remind yourself that you’re supposed to be keeping things casual with them and try to spend less time with them until you get your feelings under control.

2) Use sexting as a replacement for meeting

If you like someone but want to keep it as a non serious relationship then try sexting. It’s easier than meeting in person but it also keeps an emotional distance because you’re not interacting face to face. Some good sexting tips are to keep it purely sexual while making no promises to act it out in the future and to use it as a replacement for spending time with them.

3) Don’t make plans for the future

Only make plans for the upcoming week and always make sure they involve casual activities like going out for drinks or having fun at your place. Events like birthdays, Christmas and family weddings are things you shouldn’t consider going to because it makes the two of you too close in each others’ lives.

4) Mention relationship guidelines

Every relationship has a guideline so make sure your partner understands yours. Do this by saying things like “I’m not looking for anything too serious right now.” or “I’ll see you next week if I’m not too busy.” This lets them know that you don’t expect them to be a priority in your life and that you’re focused on other things in your life.

5) Don’t let them get too close

Sometimes one person may develop feelings for their partner even though they know they shouldn’t. If this happens and you notice that your partner is starting to take the relationship to the next level then you need to gently put a stop to it. Tell them that you don’t feel comfortable with what they’re doing or saying and that you’d rather have things stay the way they are.

6) Let them know you’re okay with them seeing other people

Drop hints that this won’t be a long lasting relationship by letting them know it’s okay for them to see other people. Not only does this tell them that you’re keeping your options open but also tells them that you won’t be upset if they find someone else. Ask if they had a good weekend and if they went out with anyone nice or if they met anyone interesting. Don’t mention seeing anyone if they don’t because you don’t want to upset them and ruin things. Let them make the first move when it comes to seeing other people.

7) Don’t act like a boyfriend

Don’t do things that a boyfriend would do because this blurs the line and can make her get the wrong impression. Only get in touch with her when you’re in the mood for sex instead of texting her to see how her day went. You want to see her as little as possible outside of the bedroom and try to avoid going to too many social gatherings where her friends will be.

Katy Benett