7 ways to start a conversation with a beautiful woman in anywhere

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Being Shameless with womenThere’s nothing wrong with shameless flirting as long as you don’t come across as creepy so don’t be afraid to approach a beautiful woman and start a conversation with her. There are some ways to do this that work no matter where you meet her, whether it’s on adult dating sites, at a bar or through a friend.

1) Be shameless about your attraction

Smile and introduce yourself then tell her you’re sorry for bothering her but you couldn’t help noticing her. If she responds well then ask questions like if she’s seen any good movies lately or if she has any plans for tonight. This will let you know what she’s into and whether or not she’s single.

2) Compliment her

Women love compliments, especially if they’re not about her looks because that shows her that you like her as a person instead of a sex object. Tell her that you love the way she talks if she’s articulate or that you like how outgoing she is. Sound sincere when you say it and explore the topic if you’ve complimented her on something like a hobby or skill to keep the conversation going.

3) Mention something you have in common

This is easier if you’re picking up women on adult dating sites like MonkeyHookups because you can read their profile but it can also be done in person if you notice her holding something like a magazine or book. Make sure it’s something you know about so you avoid saying something silly and use it as a way to make a connection with her.

4) Make eye contact then a gesture

Get her attention by making eye contact with her so you don’t surprise her then make it obvious you’re interested in her by doing a nice gesture like buying her a drink. Get to know her while you’re drinking with her then once she’s gotten to know you suggest going somewhere more private. She’ll get the hint and will either take things further, exchange numbers or politely let you down.

5) Say something you’ve said a million times before

Don’t use a pick up line because these are usually phrases you don’t say very often and this can make them sound awkward. It’s better to start a conversation with something casual because it’ll sound natural and she’ll be more open to talking to you. This could be “Hey, how’s it going?” It might not seem impressive but a familiar approach can make it easier for her to continue the conversation.

6) Keep her company

If you notice she’s by herself then you could approach her in a friendly way and keep her company. Keep the mood light by going up to her and saying you hated seeing her alone and wondered if she’d like some company. You could add a fun tone to it by promising you won’t bore her and if you can’t make her laugh in the next five minutes you’ll pay her bar tab for the night.

7) Group activity

Some women find it intimidating when they’re alone and approached by a man so approach her when she’s out with friends and you’re out with yours. Ask them if you could join them for a drink and have the two groups hang out as everyone tries to get to know each other. This will make you seem sociable while also making her comfortable by not putting too much attention on her.

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