7 ways to tell your girlfriend is cheating on you

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When she is cheating on youInfidelity happens in a lot of relationships and adult dating sites like Monkey Hookups make it even easier to find someone to hook up with. People try to hide it but there are a few signs you can look out for if you think your couple is cheating on you.

1) She wants less sex

Women tend to have lower sex drives than men but they still want it and will make an effort to keep things active in the bedroom. If she’s cheating then she’s going to be more turned on because of the excitement from being with someone new but she’s going to save it all for him and she’s going to lose interest in you.

2) Her body language is distant

A woman in love will want to be close to her boyfriend and will snuggle up to him on the couch or in bed. If she starts being more distant with you and moves away when you try to get closer to her then it’s a sign that she wants to be left alone. She doesn’t want to be around you but isn’t ready to tell you so she’s using body language to make her point.

3) She’s always busy

If she seems busier than usual then see if there’s a reason for it. There could be a simple answer like a work project but if she gives a vague response then she’s probably hiding something from you. You need to find out what’s more important than your relationship because things are just going to get worse between you if you don’t start spending more time together.

4) She talks less

She should want to talk to you about things like work and friends because it’s a way to make you a part of her life. When she stops trying to have conversations with you and you don’t know what’s going on with her then there’s a good chance she has someone new to have conversations with.

5) She tries to look sexier

Women like to try new looks or go on diets but they’ll mention it to their boyfriends because they want their opinion. Think about whether the changes she’s making are for your benefit. If she’s cheating then she’ll only dress sexier when she goes out without you and she’ll make more of an effort to keep fit because she wants to look good for her new man.

6) She hides her cell phone and laptop

You can use your cell phone and laptop to connect to people you meet on adult dating sites so there’s lots of evidence on these devices. If she’s cheating then she’s going to keep these devices with her because she won’t want to risk you seeing who she’s getting in touch with.

7) She gets defensive easily

Watch the way she answers questions when you ask simple things like what she did on the weekend or why she was late coming over. She’ll get snappy to try to stop you from talking about certain things because she knows you’ll drop the subject to avoid getting in a fight.

Katy Benett