7 Questions you should ask yourself before starting a relationship

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questions before starting a relationship A relationship isn’t just about spending time with someone, there needs to be a love compatibility between the two of you otherwise it won’t last very long. Before you rush into a new relationship you need to ask yourself some questions to see if you’re making the right decision.

1) Are you ready to be in a relationship?

A relationship takes time and effort and you shouldn’t be in one if you can’t give it your full attention because it won’t get past the first couple of dates. Think about your work schedule and personal commitments. If you have time to go on dates and get to know someone else then start thinking about who you’re interested in dating.

2) Do you feel pressured to be dating?

No one likes to be the only single person in a group of friends who are all in relationships but this shouldn’t be the reason why you go out with someone. If you feel pressured by friends or family to be in a relationship then it means that you’re not ready for it. You’ll know when you’re ready when it feels natural and is something that you feel comfortable with.

3) Have you moved on from your ex?

A break up can be tough and you don’t want to jump into a new relationship just because you’re trying to forget your ex. Make sure you’re really over them and aren’t still dealing with leftover emotions. If you’re at the point where you don’t think about them and you’ve accepted the fact that it’s over then you know it’s time to meet someone new.

4) Is there a love compatibility?

Do you have strong feelings and think a relationship is worth pursuing or do are you just mildly attracted to them? If it’s the latter then a hook up might be the better option for you. Only start a relationship if you feel like it could last for a while so you don’t make a mistake.

5) Is there a relationship compatibility?

Before starting a relationship you need to know what the other person is looking for. Do they want a relationship too or do they want a hook up? Be casual and ask what they’re looking for and what their plans for the future are. This doesn’t put pressure on them and if they’re not sure how they feel then they can talk about their future plans for work or hobbies. This also gives you an idea of what type of person they are and if they’re right for you.

6) Have you learned from the past?

Your past relationships all ended for a reason and you need to know what it is so you don’t make the same mistake again. Think about any complaints that your exes made about you and whether or not they’re valid ones. You might need to work on yourself before starting something new or you might need to date someone that has a different personality type that you usually go for.

7) Are you happy being single?

Some people enjoy being single and feel like a relationship ties them down. If you’re happy being single then think about why you want to start dating again. Will you miss the single life once you’re in a committed relationship? Are you okay with having less freedom because you have someone you need to devote time to? You need to think about how your life will change and whether or not you’re happier being single.

Katy Benett