8 Great examples of how to flirt with a coworker and make her want you

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Flirt with a Coworker
How to flirt in a coworking space can be difficult because you don’t want to get in trouble with human resources for behaving inappropriately and you don’t want to make the woman you’re interested in feel uncomfortable. You have to be subtle about finding your coworker sexual attractive and flirt in a sweet, casual way so you can ease into taking things to a different level and get her to see you in a different way.

1) Make her the only one

Getting a reputation for being an office flirt will lower your chances of success because your female co-workers will talk about you and avoid you. You need to make the woman you flirt with the only one in the office. This will help keep your reputation intact and make her feel special because she knows you only have eyes for her. Slowly make it apparent you like her by making little glances at her during work and smile when she notices you. When you know she’s okay with this you can take things further by giving her compliments and light touches when you talk before asking her out. She’ll appreciate you taking your time and will have a chance to decide if you’re right for her, which means she won’t feel like you pressured her.

2) Be aware of the coworking space

Out of Coworking Space
Some people don’t like office romances and will complain to human resources about your inappropriate behavior if you don’t respect the coworking space. Making it obvious you’re pursuing a coworker may also make her feel uncomfortable because everyone knows about it and will be gossiping behind her back. Choose the right time and place to flirt such as on your lunch break or when you’re alone with her so it seems casual and not a big deal. By being discrete about your flirting and only doing it when there’s privacy you’re showing her that you respect her which is something she’ll be looking for in a man.

3) Share a joke about work

How to flirt doesn’t have to be done with a sexual tone, you can also break the ice by making her laugh and putting her at ease. This will take the pressure off finding the right pick up line and won’t make her feel like you’re coming on too strong. You want to make a joke that she can relate to and isn’t offensive so focus on a silly thing that happened at work or rushing to meet a deadline. This will show her that you don’t take things too seriously and have a sense of humor. You could also start an inside joke that only you two know about and it’ll feel like a secret you share which will strengthen the bond between you. She’ll see that you’re a fun person to be around and will be more likely to want to go out with you.

4) Ask about their after work plans

You can make it clear that you find her sexual attractive by asking about her plans for after work and letting her know that you’d be open to going for drinks with her later. Tell her that you think you have a lot in common and that it would be just the two of you because you’d like to get to know her better. Make it sound casual but romantic by suggesting a quiet bar nearby and say that you could see yourself spending hours with her because you find her fascinating. This will make her think about going out with you and will seem like something new to do after work which will make her excited about it. She’ll look forward to it during work and will want to make an effort at making it a great night out.

5) Laugh at her jokes

Laugh her Jokes
Laughing at her jokes will go a long way in making her see you as the kind of guy she’d like to date because it makes her feel good about herself and shows her that you have a fun side. Don’t just laugh at everything she says because it will come across as being fake. Instead laugh when it’s appropriate and make a follow up comment so she knows you were paying attention and that your laughter was genuine. This will make her associate good feelings with you and she’ll want more of that because you make her day a bit more positive. This will also increase her confidence and she’ll be more comfortable flirting back because she knows you like her.

6) Compliment her hard work

You can show her that you notice her as a hardworking person by complimenting her work ethic or saying that she did a good job on a work project. This will make you stand out because it’s not the kind of flirting she’s used to since most men remark on women’s sexual attractiveness. This is good for her self-esteem and she’ll think you’re not like the other guys because you notice things that aren’t superficial like appearances. Tell her that you think she has a good work ethic and it’s a trait you find sexy in a woman because it shows strength and confidence. This will speak to her and she’ll want to spend more time with you because she thinks you see the important things in life.

7) Make her feel good about herself

make her feels comfortable
How to flirt is all about making her feel good about herself and getting her attention so you need to find a way to connect with her. You can make her feel good about herself by greeting her every morning, giving her non-sexual compliments, having lunch with her and listening to or asking for her opinion on important things. You want to show her that you’re someone who’s friendly and thoughtful. By making every experience with you a positive one she’s going to start associating you with being someone who is good for her and she’ll look forward to seeing you.

8) Get to know her

Women want to date men they feel a connection with and that’s more important to them than a feeling of lust so take your time and build that bond with her. Have lunch with her or go for drinks after work and talk to her instead of trying to rush into a relationship. Share things about yourself like hobbies, favorite movies or tv shows and who you’re friends are. This will help her open up to you and make her want to share parts of her life with you too. When she’s shared a lot about herself she’ll want to go out with you because she feels close to you and that you know the real her.

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