8 Ways to pick up women in supermarkets & grocery stores

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Picking Up at the supermarket
Picking up women in supermarkets and grocery stores might seem more difficult than doing it at a bar but you actually have a good chance of being successful at it. women don’t expect to be picked up here so they’re not guarded and more likely to open up. It’s also easy to seal the deal because if she likes you, you can flirt back by appealing to the female fantasy of food sex by making suggestions with certain food. The next time you’re grocery shopping you can try these tips and see who you can go home with.

1) Have a good pick up line

When you’re picking up women at supermarkets you can’t use the same pick up lines that you say when you’re at a bar or club because those women are expecting to be hit on. When you’re at the supermarket you need to be less aggressive and less sexual so your pick-up line needs to be friendly and approachable. If she’s in the freezer section you can joke that it’s chilly then ask if you can help warm her up by going out for coffee with her. Say it a joking way so she doesn’t feel pressured by you and if she laughs and seems interested tell her that you meant it.

2) Be shopping for real

You don’t want to spend too much time at the supermarket looking for women because it will make you seem creepy so don’t change your shopping habits. Instead, casually checkout women while you’re doing your regular shopping and approach those who interest you. Shopping for real will also make you seem less creepy because they’ll see your cart full of groceries and know that it was a spontaneous meeting and that you weren’t stalking them. It’s also a good way to keep things short and sweet because if you spend too long talking to her she’ll get bored and want to finish what she was doing. Once you’ve flirted and exchanged numbers tell her that you should get back to shopping and wait for her to text you.

3) Be knowledgeable about food

A common female fantasy is a man who can cook because it’s sexy and makes her think of all the amazing dinners she can have with him and maybe even food sex. Take some time to brush up on your food knowledge, such as what’s in season and simple recipes, so you can impress her. You can casually turn this into a conversation by helping her pick out fruit that’s in season or ripe then suggesting a nice dessert that they can be used for. Not only will she appreciate the help but she’ll also be thinking about what it would be like to eat dessert with you.

4) Mention your cooking skills

Cooking Skills
Mentioning your cooking skills is a great thing to do after you’ve shown her how much you know about food. Pick up a food item and tell her how good it tastes in a certain dish and that it’s one of your favorite things to cook. She’ll be interested in that and will continue the conversation which is one way to make her feel comfortable and in control. You can then make it clear you want to go out with her by telling her you’d love to cook her dinner one night and that you’ll even cook her favorite meal. She’s going to be flattered and will want to see if you’re as good as you say you are which will lead to a fun date.

5) Be confident but laidback

Picking up women at a supermarket is different than picking them up at a bar and if you use the same behavior then you’ll lessen your chances of being successful. Women go to bars because they want to hookup and when they grocery shopping they’re focused on getting things done. They don’t want a stranger hitting on them and making them feel uncomfortable so you need to tone things down. You need to be confident because that’s a sexy quality but you also need to be laidback so you don’t come on too strong. Make eye contact, smile and start the conversation but don’t go straight to asking them out. If they’re not interested then leave them alone but if they are then tell them you’d love to see them on the weekend and give them your number.

6) Make yourself attractive

A lot of people wear scruffy clothes to the supermarket because it’s a boring chore they want to get done as quickly as possible. If you don’t make an effort with how you look when going to the supermarket then women aren’t going to notice you and they won’t want to go out with you. You need to make yourself attractive when you go shopping so that you look like someone who cares about himself. It doesn’t take a lot of work and is easy to do because you mainly just need to make sure you comb your hair, shave and wear clothes that are clean and fit properly.

7) Be naughty if she’s flirting back

Some women are confident and flirt back when a man is interested in them so if she’s this type of woman use it to your advantage. Keep on flirting with her but slowly take things to the next level and be naughty in a fun way by hinting at food sex. You can grab a bottle of whipped cream and tell her that you could think of a million different ways to eat it while you give her a flirty smile. You could grab a bunch of grapes and tell her that you’ve always wanted to feed a beautiful woman these while she’s beside you in bed. This will get her imagination going and she might have a few ideas of her own. You should only flirt like this though if she’s okay with it because you want it to be something that excites both of you.

8) Go to a busy grocery store

You should also check out your supermarket on different days and times to see when it’s busier with single women because you don’t want to waste your time flirting with married women. The supermarket you choose should also be one that’s close to you because you don’t want to travel too far or find out that the woman you’re interested in will be difficult to date due to distance.

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