8 Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore At The Beginning Of A Relationship

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When she is flirting with ohter men There are certain signs you should never ignore at the beginning of a relationship because they could mean that you’re not compatible with your new partner. This could be your roommate who can only criticize her or you trying to ignore the fact that she always wants things done her way. These types of relationships will fail so end yours before you fall in love.

1) Your roommate can only criticize her

Find out what your mate doesn’t like about her and think about whether the points he makes are valid. You might find yourself agreeing with him and this could be when you realize that you’ve been blinded by love.

2) She doesn’t introduce you to her friends

People get excited at the beginning of a relationship and want to show off the great person they’re dating which means meeting a lot of new people. If your girlfriend avoids introducing you to her friends then there’s probably a reason for it. She might be dating someone else and you’re a fling or she doesn’t think she’ll be dating you long term.

3) She wants things done her way

Most people want a new relationship to work so they’ll be more willing to compromise. If she wants everything done her way and isn’t willing to listen to what you want then it’s unlikely her behavior is going to change over time. The entire relationship will be all about her and that isn’t the type of person you should be with.

4) She’s slow answering your messages

When you first start dating you can’t get enough of each other and are always phoning or texting each other because you want them. If she’s slow in replying to you or ignores your messages then that’s a big sign she’s not that excited about dating you. Her focus is elsewhere and she doesn’t care enough to make you feel like you’re special to her.

5) She flirts with other men

Watch how she acts when she’s out with you because if she’s serious about you she’ll show it. Her focus will be on you and she’ll stay close to you to show you that she enjoys spending time with you. If she doesn’t care about you then she won’t think twice about playfully flirting with other men or checking other guys out when she thinks you’re not looking.

6) Dates are last minute

If she gets in touch with you at the last minute for a date then it means she’s either bored or her other plans fell through. You’re the thing she uses to kill time and that’s why she’s dating you. Most dates will be planned at least a day early because everyone has a work schedule and social commitments but she expects you to be there whenever she wants.

7) She expects you to pay for everything

It is generally accepted that the man will pay for the first couple of dates because it’s the gentlemanly thing to do but that should only last for so long. By the fourth date she should at least be offering to pay for herself on dates and if she doesn’t then it might mean she just sees you as a money source.

8) She talks about her ex

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t talk about your ex with your new partner so if she does this then she doesn’t care about your feelings. She’s either using you as a sound board for her feelings or she’s bashing her ex because she wants you to pamper her and make her feel better.

Katy Benett