9 Qualities that healthy relationships share

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Healthy relationshipThere are certain qualities, like knowing how to compromise and using love language to show your feelings, that healthy relationships share. These qualities are important because they’re about love, respect and understanding which is something that all relationships need in order to be successful. Once you know what qualities healthy relationships share you can start incorporating them into your own and make it stronger than ever.

1) Trusting each other

Trust is the most important quality in relationships because you need to trust and feel safe with the person you’re spending your life with. If you don’t trust your partner you’ll keep things from them and over time that will put an emotional distance between the two of you. Trust is something that takes time to build and you need to be careful not to ruin it by crossing boundaries or breaking promises. You can gain your partner’s trust by doing things like keeping your word, not gossiping about them and not being judgemental or jealous.

2) Knowing how to compromise

Relationships are all about compromise because they involve two people trying to get along despite their differences. People in healthy relationships are willing to compromise because they want their partner to be happy as well as them and know that finding common ground during fights will help end them sooner. To compromise effectively with your partner you need to stay calm, be open-minded and willing to keep working until you find a solution that works for both of you. This way things are more balanced and no one will get upset because they feel ignored.

3) Honest and open communication

There needs to be honest and open communication in your relationship and it needs to be a regular part of it, not just when there’s a problem. Honest communication allows you to express how you feel and give support to your partner. Talking things through with your partner and making decisions together will lessen the fights you have because you’re being upfront and working together. When you’re honest about what you want and feel then you’re helping your partner understand you better and there won’t be as many misunderstandings so your relationship feels more secure.

4) Using love language

Love Language
Love language doesn’t have to be overly romantic if that’s something you’re not comfortable with, it’s more the meaning of the words you use. You should use love language with your partner when the mood is right because it shows them how much you love them and deepens the bond between the two of you. You should tell your partner that you love them but you should also let them know that you appreciate them, find them beautiful and that you’ll always be there for them. These are things they need to hear because this is how you should feel about them and how they should feel towards you.

5) Accepting each other unconditionally

People don’t break up over the little things and are willing to overlook annoying habits or personality traits if they don’t negatively impact the relationship. If your partner gets on your nerves you need to decide if it’s worth fighting or breaking up over because the answer should be ‘No.’ and you should gently ask your partner not to do it again. If they do then you need to accept this is how they are and it’s not right to ask them to change just because of you.

6) Understanding what type of relationship you have

Commitment can look like different things to different couples and people can be in healthy relationships whether they’re in an open relationship or a monogamous one. The main thing is that both of you know and accept the type of relationship you’re in and don’t do anything to change it without talking to your partner about it first. If you’ve agreed to be monogamous then don’t cheat and if you’re in an open relationship you need to set boundaries with your partner outlining what’s appropriate behaviour with your play partners. If what you’re doing isn’t working then you need to deal with it with your partner instead of doing what you want behind their back. You need to find what kind of relationship works for both of you and work together to make it a long happy one.

7) Having time apart

Time apart is good in a relationship because it gives you a sense of freedom and a taste of being single while still being a couple. If you spend too much time with your partner your friends will drift away, you’ll lose interest in your hobbies and you’ll become dependent on your partner for all of your happiness. Hanging out with your friends, doing hobbies and just relaxing by yourself is a healthy thing and is something you should do regularly. This will give you breathing space and you won’t feel suffocated by your partner like you would if you did everything with them. This will also let you do things that your partner isn’t interested in and it will give you something to talk about later on when they ask about your day.

8) Common goals and interests

Having common goals and interests is key because you and your partner need to be on a similar life path. If their goal is to have children and settle down but your goal is to travel then there’s going to be stress added to your relationship as you to try to figure things out. It’s okay to have different goal for smaller things like hobbies but you need to have the same goals when it comes to life changing things like marriage and children. These are things you need to discuss before the relationship gets serious and revisit them as time goes on because goals and interests can change over time. This will keep you and your partner on the same page and is the basis of your relationship.

9) Treating each other as equals

Treating each other as equals
Each of you need to make an effort at treating each other as equals otherwise one person could end up doing all of the work without realizing it until they’ve had enough. People in healthy relationships treat each other as equals by doing their share of the housework, listening and being supportive when their partner needs that, treating each other with respect and not crossing any boundaries that they know will upset their partner. They treat their partner as they want to be treated and know that the relationship will only be successful if each of them pulls their weight.

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