9 Things to do if you’re in an ‘almost relationship’ but she won’t commit to you

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Almost RelationshipIf you’re in an ‘almost relationship’ and want to become a real couple but she won’t commit then you have a problem. It might take more than just reciting love quotes to make her commit to you and you’ll need to make a genuine effort to take the relationship to the next level. There are a few things you can do to make this happen so see which ones work for you because you want a relationship that’s right for you.

1) Act like a real couple

Real Couple
She might not be committing herself to you because she thinks you’re not that interested in her and she’s trying to protect herself emotionally. You can show her that you’re serious about being a real couple by acting like you already are in that type of relationship. She’ll notice the change in your behavior and will want to be on the same level as you so she’ll think about changing her behavior to match yours. After a while your relationship will change and you’ll seamlessly become a real couple without realizing it.

2) Share your feelings

You can talk to her about your feelings and let her know that you’re ready to take things to the next level. This needs to be a serious talk but you don’t want to pressure her because then she’ll feel like you’re putting her on the spot. Women respond well to emotions because they make a stronger connection than facts so tell her that you need to talk to her about something personal and that you feel like she’s not as invested in the relationship as you are. Show her how you really feel so she can see the impact that she’s having on you. This will make her think about how she treats you and whether she needs to make a change.

3) Give her some space

She might not be ready to commit because she’s unsure about how she feels and doesn’t want to rush into something in case it’s the wrong thing to do. The best thing to do is give her some space so she doesn’t feel like you’re pressuring her to make a decision. Tell her that you know she isn’t ready to commit but that you love her and will give her time to figure things out. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and will give you a better chance of success because she’ll know what a kind and caring guy you are.

4) Try seriously dating

Seriously  Dating
You can try seriously dating each other for a set period of time as an experiment to see if both of you are ready to be a real couple. Decide on a set period of time to try dating, maybe a month or two, and do things that a real couple would do like spend more time together, hang out with each other’s friends or family, and maybe go on a weekend trip together. This will show you if you’re really meant to be a couple or if you’re better off going back to your casual relationship.

5) Be more romantic

Being more romantic by reciting love quotes or making her a candle lit dinner will show her how much you love her and will make her feel desired. Don’t throw a lot of romance at her then start talking about commitment because she’ll feel like you’re trying to blind her with love and you don’t really mean it and are just trying to make her commit to you. Instead make romance a healthy and regular part of your relationship so she knows your feelings are genuine. Text her love quotes to show her that you’re thinking about her, remember the little things that are important to her, take her on romantic dates and make an effort to show her how much you care.

6) Try to find a compromise

If you’re in an ‘almost relationship’ and ready to commit but she isn’t then you can try to find a compromise that makes both of you happy. This requires a serious talk that may take some time. You need to be honest with her so she knows your point of view and you need to listen carefully so you see where she’s coming from. Tell her how you feel and where you see the relationship heading then ask for her opinion. Once both of you have shared your point of view you can start talking about ways to bring both of your ideas together. Find a compromise that works for both of you because both of you need to be happy in the relationship.

7) Find out why she won’t commit

There might be a reason why she won’t commit so try to find out what’s going on with her. She might have had a bad experience with an ex or she might be the type of person who has commitment issues. When you know why she won’t commit you can find ways to help her become comfortable with the idea of being in a serious relationship with you. Show her that you’re not like her ex by being loving and supportive or help her with her commitment issues by letting her take things at her own pace. The two of you can work together to deal with the issue and this will help a lot because she’ll see the effort you’re making which will make her feel loved.

8) Accept it’s an ‘almost relationship’

This is something you need to do by yourself because it’s not your girlfriend’s job to make you feel secured about your feelings or try to change your mind. Take some time by yourself to think about how you really feel and accept that you’ve been happy so far. You need to understand that things might change in the future so it’s okay to accept the way it is right now because there’s nothing wrong.

9) Think about breaking up

If it’s important to you to be a real couple and she seems to have no interest in commitment then you need to consider breaking up with her. Before you make such a serious decision you need to think about two things: is her lack of commitment worth breaking up over and whether you would regret it. If you think you’d be happier with someone who’s able to commit or if you don’t want to stay in dating limbo any longer then it might be better to break up with her and find someone who’s able to give you the type of relationship you want.

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