9 San Valentin’s day ideas for hooking up with a single girl

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Getting Laid Nobody wants to spend Valentine’s Day alone so if you meet a single girl there’s a good chance you’ll get laid. You can start looking for single women before the big day by using hookup apps like AdultFriendFinder or you can go out to places where single girls might be spending the most romantic day alone. Think about what approach you want to take and hopefully you’ll successfully get laid on Valentine’s Day.

1) Go out for breakfast

When you’re single on Valentine’s Day you’re not going to wake up in a good mood, especially if you’re a girl. You’re going to feel lonely and it’s a feeling that will follow you all day so the morning is a good time to meet someone. Go out for breakfast and check out the other people in the diner to see if anyone of them look sad or bothered by something and start a conversation with them. Avoid mentioning that it’s Valentine’s Day because you want to cheer them up so be friendly and act like you don’t know what day it is. If they respond well you can ask them out and they’ll be thrilled to have a date.

2) Use hookup apps

You can use hookup apps like Fbookhookups to meet single women and you can arrange to meet before Valentine’s Day. A few days before you can message sexy single women in your area and tell them that you have no plans for Valentine’s Day and would love to spend it with a woman like her. If she really is single then she’ll be glad that she won’t have to spend the day alone and is more likely to agree to hookup. Women don’t want romance with a stranger they’ve just met so give the impression that you want to have fun and really get to know her.

Talking at the Office

3) Talk to people at work

There’s probably a few single women where you work so now is a good time to talk to them. When you go to work act like you’re annoyed by all the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day and say that’s it’s a silly tradition and that there’s nothing wrong with being single. Mention that you’re single and just wish you could spend it with a friend because this is something that women can relate to. This will make her feel comfortable about telling you she’s single too and wouldn’t mind some company which could lead to the two of you going out.

meeting sexy girls at the gym

4) Go to the gym

Single women are going to need a release for all the sadness and frustration they’re feeling and some will go to the gym for an intense workout. The best time to go to the gym is right after work because single women won’t want to sit around at home and they’ll go there first. You don’t want to make it obvious you’re checking out the single women so spend some time actually working out and seeing if there’s someone that interests you. When she’s taking a rest, you can go up to here and break the ice by making a joke about spending the most romantic day of the year at the gym with a bunch of strangers.

Go to a Bar

5) Go to a bar

Bars aren’t romantic and all the couples will be going to nice restaurants so the only people at the bar will be single people. There’s a good chance you’ll get laid by going to one because there will be lots of women to choose from and it’s easy to start flirting by buying her a drink. The alcohol will help both of you relax and since a bar doesn’t have a good atmosphere you can casually ask if she wants to go somewhere more private once she’s gotten to know you.

6) Find a singles event

You can look online to see if there are any local singles events happening on Valentine’s Day. These are becoming more popular and the pint of them is to have a good time while hopefully meeting someone. The type of event can vary but it might be a singles dance or a speed dating experience. This could be fun for you because you know that everyone there will be single and you have a good chance of getting laid if you charm the right woman. Some hookup apps have a section that events can be posted so see if there’s anything happening in your area.

7) Have a singles party

you’re probably not the only single person you know so think about your friends and co-workers that you get along with. Make a list of all the single people you know, men and women, and have a singles party at your place. Don’t make it obvious that you’re just doing it so everyone can hook up because that will make the women feel uncomfortable. Instead, tell everyone that it’s going to be a laidback night where single friends can hang out and avoid the romantic atmosphere. Take your time at the party and don’t rush into making your move when you know who you want because you want it to happen naturally. Spend time talking to her so she feels comfortable then tell her you want to spend more time with her away from your friends.

Flirting at the Mall

8) Spend an hour at the mall

Retail therapy is real and a lot of women do it to make themselves feel better so single women will be spending time shopping since they have no one to spend time with. You can go to the mall for an hour and grab a bite to eat at the food court while casually looking for a single woman. If the food court is busy you can ask if you can sit at her table and start talking to her or if you see a woman struggling with her bags you can offer to carry them to her car. Use this time to at friendly and flirty then see if she’s interested in going out with you.

9) Give flowers to a single girl

You don’t want to ruin any friendships so think about the single women you know from work or from other social circles and see if there’s any that interest you. Surprise her with a bunch of flowers and tell her that you know it sucks being single on Valentine’s Day because you’re single too and that you wanted her to know that at least she has someone who’s thinking about her. This is a sweet, romantic gesture that she’ll love and will give you a good opportunity to ask her out.

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