The best rules to look your best for your first date

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First date dating websites Dating websites are great for meeting someone new and you want the first time you meet to go well. First date ideas are important and this applies to where you go and how you look. It’s easy to decide where to go based on what your common interests are but knowing how to look your best might be a bit difficult. You might think you look fine and if she’s not a supermodel in the looks department you may be tempted to make a bare minimum effort but you need to look good. This will help increase your chances of making a good first impression and scoring a second date.

There are two main aspects when it comes to looking good: your physical appearance and what you wear. There’s not much you can do to change your physical appearance but there are a few little touch ups you should do. If you have time plan to get a haircut a day or two before your date to get rid of split ends. On the day of your date wash your hair so it doesn’t look greasy and trim your fingernails to make them look clean and maintained. No one wants to be in the middle of a hot make out session and see dirty fingernails. You should also think about shaving if you don’t usually sport facial hair because there’s a difference between a maintained goatee and a guy who hasn’t bothered to shave in a few days. It’s also a good idea to take it easy on the cologne or aftershave because if you use too much it can be overwhelming and the smell might put her off. All you need is a light application of it because there’s no reason for you to smell if you’ve showered and are wearing clean clothes. These small changes can make you go from looking scruffy to looking like a guy who takes care of himself.

A lot of men don’t care about clothes and won’t put too much thought into their outfit but it’s one of the first things women will notice about you. Think about where you’re going for your date and choose something appropriate to wear. If it’s a restaurant than don’t wear jeans and if it’s a movie wear a button down shirt and jeans that fit well. Make sure that your outfit is wrinkled or faded. Having your clothes fit well and look nice is important because no one is attracted to someone who looks like a slob. Don’t forget about your shoes and wear ones that not only go with your outfit but are also clean because she’ll notice if you’re wearing dirty old sneakers. Get dressed before you do your hair because you don’t want it to get messy and try to keep your clothes clean before leaving for your date. Avoid eating or drinking anything because you don’t want crumbs or water drops on your clothes. You want to arrive for your date looking clean and mature.

You need to do what you can to look your best for your first date. It doesn’t matter if you met them on one of your favorite dating websites or if it’s a blind date your friend set you up on. Take some time before your date to give yourself a makeover by having a quick haircut and wearing an outfit that makes you look attractive and confident. The better your first impression is the more likely you’ll be ending the night at her place.

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