Dating tips for men: 11 Pick-up lines that actually work

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Pick-Up lines that Work
How to pleasure a woman involves more than just physical touch and it starts as soon as you meet someone you’re interested in. You need to use pick-up lines that aren’t cheesy like relationship quotes and are good enough to get her attention while making her want more. Here are a few pick-up lines that will give you a better chance of successfully getting a date.

1) “How do you want me to serve breakfast? Homemade pancakes or bagels from a local bakery?”

Most pick-up lines are either too cheesy or sexual which turns most women off so you need to surprise them or get their attention in a good way. By mentioning breakfast you’re letting her know that you want to spend the night with her but she’s going to be thinking about how nice it would be to wake up next to you and have a nice breakfast.

2) “Hey, can I get your opinion? Do women like it when you ask them out directly or do they like a bit of flirting first?”

This is one of those good pick-up lines that make it clear that you like her without coming across too strong and it gives her a chance to decide how she wants to proceed. If she’s interested in you then she’ll tell you what she likes and you can reply with another smooth line like “Thanks, I was really worried I wouldn’t know how to ask out a girl like you.”

3) “So what’s your favorite movie?”

This pick-up line will work with a lot of women because it’s also a conversation starter and can give you an idea for what to do with them on your first date. After she tells you what her favorite movie is you can ask her why she likes it then mention what your favorite one is. This tells you what kind of personality she has and if you have anything in common. To seal the deal, you can invite her over to watch her movie because you’ve always wanted to see it and it’d be great to watch it with a fan.

4) “You interest me so much that I can’t think of any pick-up lines.”

Pleasuring a Woman
How to pleasure a woman involves flattery and respect so it’s good to go with honesty instead of trying to get her attention with cheesy pick-up lines. If you smile, act confident and say this line then you’re being honest with her and making it clear you’re interested in her but that you won’t waste her time by trying to find a pick-up line that works.

5) “Are you as bored as I am?”

Relationship Quotes
This is a good way to break the ice with someone without coming on too strong and lets them know that you’re looking for someone to spend time with. This might not sound like one of those romantic relationship quotes but it will make her think about spending time with you and that will lead things in the right direction. You can ask her what she likes to do to kill time or offer to do something with her, like go for a drink or a walk, to pass the time.

6) “Could you get me a drink? The bartender’s ignoring me but you’re the kind of girl he’ll notice.”

She’ll notice this line because you’re calling her beautiful without being creepy about it and it’s a gender reversal of men always buying women a drink to break the ice. She won’t be expecting it and she’ll notice it because you’ll seem like the kind of guy who thinks outside the box.

7) “Would you like to go out for a coffee or dinner?”

This line works because you’re offering to take her out for coffee or to dinner which gives her more options and makes her feel like she’s in control of deciding what she wants to do with you. Since you’re giving her options she’s going to feel compelled to choose one instead of flat out rejecting a single date offer and it’ll make her think about what she’d like to do with you.

8) “Secret admirers are exciting but I’m bad at keeping secrets so I need to tell you how much I want to ask you out.”

This is a fun, playful pick-up line and it’ll flatter her but also make her laugh which is going to put her in a good mood. She’ll like your originality and she’ll probably play along by saying “Really? How much do you want to ask me out?” first impressions are important and if you start things with a light mood there’s a good chance it’ll stay that way and she’ll want to go out with you because you’re fun.

9) “Hey, I’m looking to have fun tonight and you look like you’re no stranger to fun.”

This is a bit more direct because “fun” can mean a lot of things and if you’re at a bar or club she’s going to think it means having a bit to drink then going back to your place. You can gauge what you say next based on how she reacts because if she’s offended you can tone it down by saying that a walk through the park sounds fun or if she flirts back you can turn things up a notch by saying it would be fun to take her back to your place.

10) “I have that same dress at home, it would’ve been weird if we both wore it tonight.”

This line is for guys who are funny and don’t mind being silly if it means getting the girl and there’s a good chance of it working because women love a guy with a sense of humor. She knows you’re not a cross-dresser and you’re just making light of the fact that she probably spent a lot of time picking out the perfect outfit to wear for her night out. Once you have her laughing you can get more serious and introduce yourself to show her that you’re serious about getting to know her.

11) “I wasn’t sure if I’d be brave enough to ask out the prettiest girl in the room but here I am. Do you want to go out for a coffee and get to know each other better?”

This has a good chance of working because you’re making yourself vulnerable by mentioning being brave and she’s not going to want to hurt your feelings by turning you down. She’s also going to be flattered that you think she’s pretty and will take you up on your offer for coffee because it’s less pressure then going out on a date.

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