The dumbest mistakes men make when having an affair

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Mistakes having an affairWhen you’re having an affair it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and lose focus on the important details. These details include covering your tracks so your spouse doesn’t find out and learning how to juggle two different lives. Most affairs end because the man did something stupid and got caught so be careful about what you do and learn from their mistakes.

When it comes to having marital affair secrecy is how you stop your wife form finding out about it. You’re going to feel nervous and scared when you’re around her and if you’re not careful she’s going to notice the change in behavior. If it’s a close relationship but the sex is gone then continue spending time with her and giving her attention. If it’s a strained relationship then don’t start acting happy or more relaxed. Act like you always do and pretend nothing has changed.

When you have an affair you need to remember to cover your tracks just in case your wife gets suspicious and starts snooping to see if her instinct is right. Never invite your lover to your place and delete any emails and texts she sends you. It’s easy to leave your laptop on or your phone lying around so remember to shut them off and keep them with you as much as possible. To be on the safe side change the passwords on all of your devices so your wife can’t go on them and find anything.

You need to choose the right type of woman to have an affair with instead of picking the first one that grabs your attention. A lot of men feel a spark and decide to take a risk but you need to learn some things about her first if you want to decrease the chances of being caught by your wife. Don’t go for someone younger because they tend to be less settled emotionally and when things end you don’t want her telling your wife. You also want someone who knows how important it is for the affair to be kept quiet so choose another married woman. She won’t want commitment from you and will be okay when you move on.

Men think that having a lover close by will make it easier to meet and that it will let them have hot little quickies when the wife is working late or is spending the afternoon with her friends. The problem with that is you need to make sure that no one sees the two of you together and that you only have sex at her house because if you do go out together there’s always the risk of a friend running into you. Someone could also see you without you knowing and tell your wife that they saw you with a woman. It will take more planning but it’s safer to have a marital affair with someone who lives in the next town or even further away because you don’t want anyone to accidentally find out.

The smallest mistake could end up with you getting caught and having to deal with the consequences of your actions. Try to act like you always do around her, remember to delete any emails and texts you get from your lover and choose someone who is unlikely to expect commitment. If you’re smart about your actions you’ll be able to have a hot marital affair and get away with it.

Katy Benett