How to end an affair without angering your sex partner

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How to end an affair Most men never leave their wives when they’re having an affair because they end up trying to make things work out. When it’s time to break up with your sex partner you don’t want to upset her because the last thing you want is for her to tell your wife in order to get revenge. You need to let her go in a gentle way so she feels okay about the break up so don’t rush into it.

The worst thing you can do is break up with your couple in a cold way such as over email or text because this will make her feel like you never really cared about her and just used her for sex. Instead you need to break up with her face to face and make sure you haven’t had sex with her earlier. You want things to feel neutral between the two of you so break up with her in a public place if the two of you feel safe enough to do that or do it in her living room so it’s easy for you to leave afterwards.

Tell her why you want to end things so she doesn’t feel like you’ve lost interest in her or that it was a rush decision you made. Explain to her that you think it’s time to end things because you want to work on the relationship with your wife. This will make her more accepting of the break up because it lets her know that you’re shifting your priorities away from her and that it’s unlikely you’ll change your mind.

You need to put the blame on the break up on you instead of her or your wife. If you blame her then she’s going to get mad at you and if you blame your wife then she might try to convince you not to break up with you because she’ll think you still love her. By blaming yourself you put the target on your back and she’ll know that there’s no one else to blame. Tell her that you’ve thought about it and that you don’t think there’s a future for the two of you. Ask her to please not call you because you want some time to deal with this new phase in your life. This will be a gentle way of telling her to leave you alone without hurting her feelings.

Make sure that she feels good before you leave her for good because you want it to end on a positive note. Tell her how much you enjoyed being with her and that you felt lucky to have been with someone like her. Don’t say that you’ll miss her because she’s going to hope that you’ll get back together in the future. Let her know that the time you spent together was special but it’s time to move on.

Tell her to her face that it’s over and make sure she knows that it isn’t because of her. Make her feel like she was special to you and that it was a difficult decision to make but that it’s a final one. Being kind but confident in what you want will make her feel like an equal instead of just a woman you used for entertainment.

Katy Benett