What to do when your ex-girlfriend is stalking you

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Dialing with your exgirlfriend Usually when you break up with your girlfriend things go smoothly and both of you move on but sometimes she just can’t let you go. Your ex-girlfriend might resort to stalking you and this can lead to you feeling anxious and depressed. You need to learn what steps to take so you can deal with this situation and end it as quickly and easily as possible.

Think about how serious the situation is and whether or not your ex-girlfriend can be reasoned with. If she seems like the type of person who has difficulty in letting go and isn’t the dangerous type then see her one last time to explain things to her. Choose a public place and tell her in a no-nonsense tone that you don’t want to get back together with her and that you want her to leave you alone. Make her understand that it’s over and that if she doesn’t stop harassing you then you’ll need to take things to the police.

You need to make it difficult for her to get in touch with you so change your contact information. Unfriend her on your social media accounts and don’t add anyone you don’t know. Block her telephone number and think about getting a new number for yourself. If you get a new number only give it to people you trust and don’t give it to anyone that she knows. If you lived together consider moving or if she had a key to your place then get the locks changed. She’ll try to get in touch with you in some way so ignore her when she does this so that she realizes you want nothing to do with her.

It’s important to keep a record of what they do in case they don’t stop or if they become too dangerous. Keep all texts and emails that she sends you and make a log of all the times they contact you and jot down all the details. Write down the date, time and place that the incident happened and whether or not there were any other witnesses. This can help you a lot of things get to the point where you need to get a restraining order because it will show a pattern of harassment from her.

You want to have no contact with your ex-girlfriend so avoid going to places where you know she’ll be. Try going to different clubs, restaurants and stores to decrease the chances of you running into her. If you have mutual friends then consider ending the friendships or make it clear to them that it was a bad break up and you want to avoid her. Only spend time with them if you know she won’t be there.

Dealing with your e-girlfriend it’s an issue that needs to be dealt with before it pushes you too far but you need to be careful so that you don’t make things worse. Tell her directly that you want nothing to do with her and that she needs to leave you alone. Make it difficult for her to get in touch with you and keep a record of her harassment so you can take it to the police if you need to. You need to take control of the situation and avoid her at all costs until she gives up.

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