How to get and maintain a stronger erection

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Getting a stronger erection Men at some point in their lives will deal with the issue of having difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. There’s a taboo feeling about this and men often feel too embarrassed to talk to their doctor about it because they think there’s something wrong with them. There are ways for it to be dealt with in private though and you might not need to tell anyone about the problems you’re having.

Simple lifestyle changes can help you get and have a boner if you’re willing to do them. Smoking has big health impacts and one of the problems it causes is restricted blood flow because the tobacco affects blood vessels. Quitting smoking or even cutting back can help your blood flow which will make it easier to get a woodie. Getting into a regular exercise routine and cutting down on drinking alcohol will also help you in the bedroom because you’ll be in better physical shape.

Sugary foods like chocolate and fried foods like french fries are bad for your blood pressure and will make it harder for you to get a stiffy. Start eating a healthier diet, one that’s full of fruit and vegetables to boost your energy levels and give your body the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Reducing stress in your life and making sure you get enough sleep will help you have a boner. Stress and lack of sleep can cause a hormone imbalance which can decrease your testosterone levels and make it difficult to become aroused. Try yoga or cutting down on social commitments to bring down your stress levels and avoid staying up late so that you can get a full eight hours of sleep. You’ll feel more balanced and your hormone levels will be the way they should be.

Boredom can make it difficult for you to become interested in sex and you’ll find it difficult to get a hard-on. You need to bring excitement back to your sex life so it can be something that gets your heart pounding and blood flowing. Try a different position, act out a fantasy or hook up with someone new. The smallest change will stimulate you and this can have a physical effect as well as an emotional one.

There are sex aids that help men get and maintain erections and you can try these to see if they’ll work for you. There’s medications like Viagra and Cialis which will give you a stiffy that’s long lasting. You might not be able to take them if you have health issues but you could try using a cock ring. They put pressure around the base of your penis and keeps it harder by restricting blood flow. These are easier to buy and you can get one from your local sex shop.

Men who have problems getting up have a lot of options available to fix the situation. Changing your eating habits and avoiding certain foods like chocolate and french fries and quitting smoking will increase your blood flow. Living a stress-free life and feeling more positive will also help your energy levels. As a last resort you could try medication or using a cock ring. Getting harder is possible if you try and find what works for you.

Katy Benett